When it's cold outside..
You have to find..
the warmth..
With more snow forecast for tonight and tomorrow we had hoped to get out and take some photos today while the roads were good. Hubby finished his treatment last week and today had a pre-op ready for an exploratory surgery next week. When we finished at the hospital we planned to pick up lunch and go for a drive. We got sidetracked at the mall, and ended up spending most of the afternoon in Chapters and Starbucks..! It feels really cold tonight so we are going to sit by the fire and read until Stephen Fry's America comes on TV at 10:00pm.
Oh what exciting lives we lead..LOL
Wherever you are I hope the sun is shining..!


  1. Big Hugs to you Sheila! It feels so good to read your post tonight. I feel like I have been gone forever with school, work and getting away for our anniversary.

    It has been raining cats and dogs here. We so need it. Your evening sounds soooo good and not boring at all. I wish I could be doing what you had planned. What is "Chapters?" Is it a book store? I love how you add color to your day!


    Keeping you in my prayers...
    muah ~

  2. I cant believe what a long cold winter youre having there this year!! Keep warm... and goodluck to hubby with his pre op and suregery!
    Here where the sun is beating down on us a lot we also watch tv as an escape f rom the hot climate...so we lead exciting lives here too...lol..not! what s the stephen fry new comedy called? we prob havent had it here yet.

  3. Hi Angela...

    Chapters is a large book store chain..you might know it as Indigo, as I think they are the same company.
    Belated best wishes for your birthday..
    big hugs

  4. Hi Krissie..
    Steven Fry's America is a documentary of sorts. He drives a London taxi cab across every state in the US and visits unusual and interesting places. It very good.

  5. Aloha Sheila..
    I agree about the weather. It's dismal and getting ready to snow again after a 64 degree week.. No wonder my synisisisisis'es are unhappy lol.
    I've been painting the walls, soothing and listening to KA. I hope all is good with you, hugs to hubby and you.
    PEace, Kai and Md.

  6. Hi Sheila,
    I need lots of color on gray days too! It's raining here today.

    Book stores and coffee are one of my favorite past times. I could spend hours doing that.

    Keeping you and hubby in my prayers.


  7. finished treatment! yay for him !!!! keeping you both in my prayers...

    we have had a week or so of heavy rain.. just north of us has been declared a natural disaster area due to the floods.

  8. Hoping and praying that all goes well for your DH.

    I love bookstores and spent a wonderful snowy afternoon in Borders in Toronto, Feb 2000, watching the snow through their big glass window. I have a photo somewhere.

    Stephen Fry is one of our new generation of National Treasures! He did a great two-parter about him being Bi-polar. He hosts a 'mock quiz' series called QI, and if you ever get chance to see it, you'd love it.

    Much love, Lynda

  9. The sun is shining here today although we've had a few days of much needed rain.

    Glad to hear hubby finished his treatment and you got to spend the afternoon at the bookstore. It doesn't get much better than that for me!!

  10. Yes!!! Lots of color indoors. So pretty!!! A cup of Starbucks sometimes hits the spot so well.
    Treatments are over...Sending more candlelight. Life is good!

  11. Hey sounds good to me, too much excitement isn't necessarily a good thing.
    I like me a quiet time with the telly too sometimes.
    Your orchid is in full swing! I'm jealous, mine isn't doing a thing.
    I'll miss you tomorrow, give me a call when you have a minute. Love you!

  12. I love your colorful photos! It was dreary and wet here today but I was able to go for a short walk and I noticed the fruit trees are starting to bud out. Yeaaaaaaaaaa!

  13. I am glad is treatments are over and now wishing with all my being that the surgery has GREAT news!
    You know, hanging out together, books, coffee.....home snuggled reading...that is a bit of sunshine in a day (so to speak).
    Our weather is sporadic, we don't get snow but one day it's cold and raining and today it was like Spring. I prefer it to be one season at a time!
    Sending you a ray or two!

  14. Hi Sheila! Remember way back when..... I said I wanted snow. Okay I had snow and now I am done! hee hee. I need the beach.

  15. Winter sure seems to be lasting forever, doesn't it! We've had another couple of days of snow and although it's -7c right now, the wind is cold and tonight it's supposed to go down to -18c. Your salad, fruit and flowers sure brighten up a cold winter day:-)

    Prayers continue for your hubby, dear Sheila!! xoxo

  16. I recently re-discovered Masterpiece Theatre. Don't know why I abandoned it so many years ago. Quality TV is just so much more satisfying. Never seen Stephen Frye's America tho.


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