I think Discovery is my favourite TV channel. Last night we sat glued to a two hour program that aired about our Solar system and the Universe. With the lights off and sitting back in our seats we toured galaxies and deep space, watched stars implode, saw stars that burned out thousands of years ago and visited the planets in our Solar system. From there we went to Andromeda and other inhospitable places and enjoyed every moment. There are probably as many stars, each with their own solar system, as there are grains of sand on Earth. If that doesn't boggle your mind nothing will! The number of planets that potentially could support life in the galaxy runs into the hundreds of thousands. Okay, first I boggle your mind and now I make you feel insignificant. Our Sun will burn for a few billion more years and then it will go out. It will take eight minutes for us to find out and then it will be too late! There have been occasions this winter when I have wondered if it had already happened. All this brings home to me that today is all that matters, today is all we have. Why waste it worrying about what might happen, just LIVE! Enjoy each moment, each blue sky, each sunrise and each flower and bird song. Many years ago I purchased the book above, in 1965 in fact. It is a book of Pittman's Shorthand. I sat through evening classes trying to grasp the dots, dashes and squiggles which would help me find a better job. I never did master it and no one uses shorthand now anyway. I kept it and brought it with me across the ocean, perhaps to remind me that not all books are fun or educational. I discovered that some are just books..!
On Friday Portuguese husband went into hospital to have his op. It was to be an exploratory to see if all the cancer was gone. A suspicious area was discovered on the back wall of his bladder, so once more it was re-sectioned, cutting deeper this time. He is home and must do nothing strenuous for three weeks. In two weeks we will see the doctor again for results. With luck it will prove to be scar tissue, without luck something more serious.
Today the sun is shining, PH is painting my portrait and on Wednesday our 5Th Grand baby is due. Life goes on.


  1. Sit back and enjoy having your portrait painted... my thoughts and wishes for you both as you wait for news

  2. We also love Discovery Channel. Missed that program though.
    I also took shorthand in school and haven't used it in more than forty years!
    I've said a prayer for your husband.
    The waiting for news is the worst.

  3. The discovery planet rocks the universe.. I love the informational ones. I also like Nova.

    I am saying some quiet blessings for your hubby and that he is OK. Hope eternal..
    Have a lovely spring,
    Peace, Kai

  4. thinking of you Sheila! We dont have discovery channel but I have hear its very interesting and on a long winters night probably just the spot to be!

  5. Best wishes for good news on your hubby's tests and congratulations on the imminent arrival of your new grandchild. I also studied shorthand years ago and excelled at it but also haven't really used it a lot since.

  6. That we exist at all is a miracle.
    Sending up a prayer for you and your DH right now.
    Love and hugs from over the pond. Lynda

  7. a wonderful post about our solar system! and the photos are fantastic..

    love the term 'portuguese husband'.. I might start using the term 'dutch husband'.. we will have an international collection of husbands.

    of course he is in my prayes, his name is on my altar and I am sending healing of love & light.
    xoxo - tell him to hold tight to St.Therese

  8. Live for the day... as has been said before, life is too short not to make the best of it all! My prayers are with you and your husband, may the results be what you want to hear. But if it goes the other way, then you have to accept the facts and start the battle all over again. Hugs from just down the road from you in S Ontario!

  9. My prayers are with you and your hubby. Sorry I haven't been commenting lately but at least we have been e-mailing each other!

  10. Your grandbaby should be here about now. I am sending all my positive vibes your way, for your DH & the new baby.xx

  11. I so agree about enjoying each day as it comes - always a good philosophy. Will have you and DH in my thoughts as you wait for the results of his tests. As for grandbabies - thank heavens for little girls:):)

  12. I am thinking of your husband and hoping with all my heart it's just scar tissue!!! I know having to wait is difficult but we just all have to band together that collective and be positive, positive, positive!!!

  13. Dear Shelia,
    I am always amazed by the vastness of space. I think we all could use a space adventure once a month just to be reminded to live each day to it's fullest.
    You and hubby are in my thoughts.

  14. I love the Discovery Channel too! You always learn something from watching it! Lol!

    Sounds a little taken from my Science and Biology class.
    ;) which I might add, that I find VERY interesting!

    So PH is painting your portrait... that is sooo sweet! Hmmmm.... Will we get to see it?

    I do know what "PH" stands for!!

    Love and big hugs

  15. I am so happy I just discovered your blog. WOnderful thoughts and fabulous flowers captured in one space. LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing. Stop by my garden sometime.

  16. it's always amazing to me how much more there is to learn!

  17. We like Discovery channel, too. Great programs.

    I'm sending lots of good thoughts to PH and hope that it's nothing more than scar tissue.

    And I hope your new grandbaby arrives on time!

  18. Hi sheila, sorry to hear your dh has had surgery again... I'm sure he'll bounce back in no time and in the meantime enjoy having your portrait done... wow he is talented! lucky you! please show us when its finished!


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