~ decisions, decisons..~

It's Shrove Tuesday, the beginning of Lent. Not something I strictly observe, but I do try to give up something I enjoy. Usually chocolate.
I had forgotten the date until I saw my Daughter's post this morning. Yesterday I went shopping and picked up three large bars of this..above..
If you haven't tried it, let me tell you how good it is. So different to the usual sweet and sugary chocolate you may be used to. It's good for you too, full of antioxidants. Now my dilemma is, should I save this for the next six weeks, or eat it?
I have today to decide, but the one thing in it's favour..
I consider it medicinal..!

EDIT; In my panic I didn't check the date. It is the 24th of February, so I can eat the chocolate without feeling guilty.


  1. I was worried for a moment there, and thought we had missed Pancakes, but our Shrove Tuesday isn't until the 24th February!! Phew! Thank you for remminding me though!!
    It would be so much easier if all the countries where co-ordinated!!!

  2. Libby, you are right. The date is the same everywhere, Feb.24th, since it is a religious observance. I think Gill misread her calendar. Now ..where's that chocolate..!

    February 4, 2009 9:22 AM

  3. Sheila,

    Is it spicy as in hot? I love Lindt chocolates. I may have to try this one.


  4. I thought I was going do-lally for a while - thanks for putting me right! LOL. Still, pancakes are good any time of the year. x

  5. scoff that chocolate down Sheila, every single delicious mouthful...giving it up for Lent...is that the Catholic in you coming out?? tee hee.

    I must remember to make pancakes .. hmm wonder if I can find some gluten free recipe! Hmm maybe I can do Shrove Tuesday twice.. once on 24th here, then on the 24th there.. I agree with Gill, pancakes are good whatever day.

  6. Aloha Sheila..
    lol..I'm still eating pancakes.. :) my vice is flax chips..
    peace, Kai

  7. I've never seen chocolate like that before and I can't imagine what it would be like. Please send me a couple cases so I can try it out. LOL!

  8. Whew! Thank heavens you look at the date wrong. Had me worried for a bit! Whew again.

  9. This looks extremely good! I love both chile and chocolate.
    So how is it Sheila? I know you've indulged. :-)
    It is a necessary evil!

  10. I think that is definately a 'dietary supplement', like Vitamin C. it does begin with a 'C', so there you go! :o)

  11. I kind of figured you two had your dates wrong! lol My mom always gives up sweets/dessert for Lent and I knew she hadn't mentioned starting yet! hehe Give up chocolate? Oh dear, I'm afraid I just wouldn't have the willpower for that!!! xoxo

  12. Uh, yeah...(kicking dirt...) sorry bout that Mum.
    (insert sheepish grin)
    See what happens when I listen to other people without fact checking?
    love ya! Love that chili chocolate too, mole girl!

  13. Sheila one of my favorite tastes in chocolate! Always have one in the cupboard...but NOT for long!

  14. Oh thank goodness.... I had the date of Shrove Tuesday marked on my calendar, and it definitely hasn't happened yet here in Stouffville! I love Shrove Tuesday... I always make pancakes with lemon and a sprinkling of sugar. And I will this year too, even though there's only me here to eat them!
    And enjoy the choccy!
    I still have lots of chocolate that I was given at Christmas.... but once I open it, then I am compelled to eat it all up ASAP... that's why I'm resisting the temptation as long as I can.

  15. Hope you enjoyed that chocolate Sheila! Lindt make fabulous chocs don't they, I love their Lindor eggs.


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