~Happy New Year~

I thought I should post,  as soon it will be too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I've been busy organizing and cleaning and have finally got things squared away. Now I can enjoy doing some fun stuff.
A few weeks ago I rediscovered my enjoyment of knitting. Since then I have made five scarves for family members. I thought I would ease myself back in before tackling a bigger project. Yesterday I looked after O and B for a few hours, and they both asked me to teach them to knit. My Dad taught me when I was about 5, and within a year I was happily knitting sweaters for my teddies.
I never really liked dolls, I felt they were cold things. Not like a teddy, who cozied up to you, especially when you weren't feeling 100%!   Anyway, Olivia caught on fairly quickly,  I had decided to teach her the way I was shown at school. When I was about 9, we , the girls in the class, made a school scarf, alternating royal blue and white stripes, about 4 inches wide. First we had to show that we could knit a perfect square, so that is what Olivia set out to do. Bronwyn, didn't want to be left out, but quickly became frustrated, so we will try again in a few weeks if she is still interested.Olivia took her test piece home with her, so we will see how she got on in a few days time.
Meanwhile, today I had to run some errands and picked up new reading material, and some yarn to make, you guessed it, another scarf. However this yarn is called Sashay. Not so much a yearn, more of a lacy ribbon, and you knit with the top row of the holes in the ribbon, and with only six stitches to knit on each row,  it forms a ruffle. The lower edge of the yarn/ribbon has a soft metallic thread and is beginning to look quite pretty.
When I began following the pattern on the back of the yarn label it seemed quite straight forward, but I soon got into trouble. Thank goodness for websites. Red Heart even had a little video to show me what I was doing wrong, and  suggested a slightly different method of knitting it (than the label indicated,)which made it all so easy.
It is going  quite well now and looks like it is supposed to!
Has anyone used Sashay and if so how did you get on...?


  1. I haven't tried knitting with that yarn but I have seen it demonstrated and it certainly looks easy peasy. And it looks so good when it's all finished. Nice to have Christmas all cleared away and new projects started isn't it?

  2. That's it!!! That us the scarf Natalie made for me. Way to go mum!!!! Xo

  3. Hi Sheila,

    First let me say Happy New Year to you dear friend. I'm finally getting around to visiting everyone.
    I love the scarf you knitted!! Love the ruffly look. I have tried and tried to figure out knitting, but it just doesn't work for me....maybe I should have you teaching me! Glad to see Olivia picked it up. Great past time and a wonderful hobby!

    Happy knitting!

  4. Oh wow, what a coincidence...an older lady in my mom's apt. building makes those exact same scarves and mom bought one from her to give to me for Christmas:-) The colours are deep purple and burgundy, I just love it!! I'll take a picture of it and put it on my next post so you can see it. She told me to fold it in half, put it around my neck then take the two ends and loop it through...it looks fabulous worn that way:-)

    All the best in the new year dear Sheila!! xoxo

  5. I love the color and design of the scarf! It's beautiful. I can do the very basic knitting as long as I'm making something flat with no shape!

  6. Sheila! Great looking scarf!A super way to be in the moment and pass the winter months ahead.
    They say when one knits your mind is in a Zen like state! Namaste

  7. That is really cute and didn't take long. Gotta love scarves that hide turkey necks. I love to crochet sometimes but don't knit at all.Great project!

  8. I came to visit through Wanda’s blog. I love the color of this scarf – and it does look hard to make. I have to get busy making another baby blanket for my 5-month old grandson, but it will be just plain crochet in two colors. I enjoyed looking at your blog.

  9. The scarf is really pretty - clever you! It's great that your grandadughters want to learn how to knit as well. I'm sure Bronwyn will get the knack of it eventually.


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