~Under renovation~

We are under renovation! The ground floor is being taken apart and updated. New floors, (wood and ceramic) trim, doors and paint. The crew began this morning and 2 hours in I have already heard enough banging to last me a while. As usual when we undertake these things, other issues are uncovered and require fixing. The upside is there is so much dust that I think I can pass on the house work for a few days. Meanwhile the laundry beckons so I will get stuck into that. Back soon with a progress report.


  1. Oh, what fun! I hope it goes along without a hitch.

  2. I do not envy you one bit - building dust is dreadful, getting into all nooks and crannies. Can't wait to see the end event.

    [there is a little bit of work to be done here at my new home.. but not the major reno that we did at the other one.. slowly this time :) ]

  3. It'll all be lovely for Christmas! Don't envy you the disruption though!

  4. Renovation means that you really don't have to do any housework for a while.... just keep the living areas clean enough to keep your sanity and do the big cleanup when the builders have finished!
    I hope you have taken the "before" pictures and are now in the process of taking the "during" pictures, in anticipation of the "after" pictures. Because we'll all expect to see them, y'know.

  5. I love renovating and yes those 'hidden' issues are a bit of a worry if they surface and have to be fixed!

    I got so sick of the sound of hammers and banging when we did our home, enough to last for a few years till the renovating bug hits once more! lol!

    hope yours goes smoothly and do send us all some before and after pics!

  6. I know it's a real pain when the work is being done but it will all be so worth it when it's all finished:-) Can't wait to see pictures once it's done, no doubt it will look beautiful. xoxo


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