~Spooky Hallow e'en~

Oft in the lone church yard at night I've seen,
By glimpse of moonshine chequering thro' the trees,
The school boy, with his satchel in his hand,
Whistling aloud to bear his courage up,
And lightly tripping o'er the long flat stones,
(With nettles skirted, and with moss o'ergrown,)
That tell in homely phrase who lie below.
Sudden he starts, and hears, or thinks he hears,
The sound of something purring at his heels;
Full fast he flies, and dare not look behind him,
'Till, out of breath, he overtakes his fellows,
Who gather round and wonder at the tale
Of horrid apparition tall and ghastly,
That walks at dead of night, or takes his stand
O'er some new-open'd grave; and (strange to tell!)
Evanishes at crowing of the cock.

from The Grave by Robert Blair

(1699-1746) Scottish writer. Robert Blair was a Scottish poet and minister, who is perhaps best known for "The Grave." He was part of a group called the Graveyard School.
Thanks to a little help from Picnik.com, I think my garden in the photo looks quite spooky too, don't you?

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