~Light and Colour~

How beautifully leaves grow old.  
How full of light and color are their last days. 
~John Burroughs~

Another glorious Fall day! It makes my heart sing.
My fondest childhood memories are of Fall days, kicking in the leaves, and the scent of bonfires. We didn't celebrate Hallowe'en when I was a child, instead we all looked forward to Bonfire Night. November 5th, was anticipated with a delirious excitement, and to this day fireworks bring back that feeling. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't like Fall!


  1. Oh you and me both girl!! Remember the fireworks at Disney? When the kids were even smaller nuggets then they are now? A joy!! You and I were little children alongside them, and for a time we were peers. Fireworks equalize things, take us back to our primal roots. Giddy inducing things, they are.

  2. used to love bonfire night too and my cousins used to make a guy and then put it on the bonfire... oh those were the days!!!

  3. I used to love Bonfire Night too, when I was little it was one of the few nights I was allowed to stay up late and three or four families went to Tony Bailey's house for a bonfire and fireworks with treacle toffee and parkin. It's all rather different these days, all big organized affairs with horrendous WW3 type bangers and few of the pretty Roman candle/ Catherine Wheel type things we used to have. OK so the boys don't let off rip raps and make you jump any more but that was sort of scary fun:) A lot of the magic has gone out of it these days I'm afraid.

  4. Fall is such a glorious season. I've always loved it and like you, some of my fondest memories are of fall happenings....weiner roasts, hay rides, walking through a carpet of colorful leaves, and the smell of smoke as people burned the leaves....something they can no longer do!

  5. Make sure you come by my blog today to enter my birthday giveaway and see your princess costume! hehe Will be back later to catch up on your posts:-) xoxo

  6. I loved Bonfire Night as a child in England too.... but I loved the day before Bonfire Night even more because November 4 was (and still is!) my birthday so I had my fireworks a day earlier than everyone else and I always thought that made me very special!!!

  7. Yes I love fall too. Your pictures and memories are lovely.

  8. Oh, I love fall too. Especially the smell of wood fires. Your photo and quote are lovely. I really like your banner, Sheila!

    Enjoy your day!

  9. I didn't realize you were back blogging.. but glad you are! I love autumn - [fall]... my favourite season of the year.. love your new header too.. it is beautiful xo


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