~At moonrise~

Last week, just as the moon began to rise we had a visitor. 
Walking along the dock ..peering into the water, looking for supper.
He didn't dive in, as we expected,
instead he leaned forward with his long neck,
and pulled the fish from the water.
Our new friend, the Great Blue Heron.


  1. I love your new friend, Sheila! I imagine he was fun to watch. That is a beautiful picture of the moon and the lake.

    Hope you're enjoying your day!

  2. What a lovely new friend. Enjoy!

  3. what a lovely place to stop and enjoy!

  4. You really got some great shots of that Blue Heron and how wonderful that he/she decided to come visit you:-) That first picture is stunning, talk about a peaceful and relaxing scene!! xoxo

  5. That first photo is so beautiful....the calm water, the glow of light on the buildings....it looks so peaceful. And your visitor is quite elegant with those long legs and graceful neck. Looks like a perfect moment in time.

  6. This looks so pretty in the moonlight. How exciting to watch him get his supper. It's great to come in contact with such beautiful wild life. Ahhhh sigh!

  7. He is very beautiful. Fishing for dinner and he didn't even get his feet wet! Fast food for herons, I suppose.

  8. I love him! You must call him Nigel!!!

  9. Awesome photos!

    Loved the moon over the water! So calming.

    I'm sure that was a site to see. Poor little fish didn't see what was coming! LOL!


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