Today I feel in the pink!
Are you familiar with that expression?
It is one my Dad used often.
He was always in a good mood.
So am I lately..
With my grand daughters cute feet in flip flops
And enjoying the pink Calla Lily that my daughter 
Gave me for Mother's Day..
How could I be anything else?
I hope you are in the pink today too!


  1. my mum always said "Pink to make the boys wink"!

  2. Being in the pink is always better than being blue! :)

  3. I have heard that expression. I hope to be feeling in the pink very soon. Love the pink callas. What a thoughtful gift.

  4. Yes, I know that expression. And tonight I'm really "in the pink" as I have on my pink jammies!

    aren't calla lilies just the most gorgeous flower?

  5. Well I'm often "tickled pink" so does that count? lol Your granddaughter's feet look so adorable in those pink flip flops and your calla lilies are absolutely gorgeous. I've always seen only white ones, not pink ones.

    It was a beautiful day today so I was able to go out and clean out my faerie garden and put out my faerie statues. Now to wait for the flowers to grow! lol

    Hope you continue to feel in a good mood, my friend:-) xoxo

  6. Pink is one of my fav's. I have on my pink breast cancer awareness glasses. Love the pink flip flops and those calla lilies are gorgeous.

  7. What sweet and oh so pretty photos!! Made ME happy to see them and know YOU are happy!


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