We have visitors. They were not invited, they just showed up one day last Winter 
and are still with us. We only hear them at night,
in the basement ceiling, 
and we have only seen them twice, 
but that is twice too often. 
We are not sure where they get in, but suspect it is through the garage, and/or from under the back deck. When the patio door was replaced, there was the tiniest gap left  above the basement window, but as you may know they only need a tiny gap to get in.
We have laid traps, poison and even purchased the electronic mouse 'scarers' but to no avail.
Today Hubby declared war. He has begun by starting to remove the deck, it is due for replacement anyway,  and thereby gaining access to their entry point.
Now I shall call the exterminator. This is not our first experience with mice, 
many years ago they got in through the garage,  
ate through the electrical wiring and we had to have the house rewired.
We live near a creek and open fields and I guess they come in for the warmth. We are not the only ones, our neighbours have had them too.
I used to laugh at women standing on chairs and screaming at the sight of a mouse.
It's not funny anymore.


  1. Sheila as a cartoon character would say
    "you hate meeces to pieces!"
    I can remember a few summers ago in our previous house Paisley would sit and stare at a particular spot on the hall ceiling.I caught on after studying this behavior for a week. It then dawned on me..we did have mice come into the garage over the winter and the thingy for the central vacum system was in the garage..I figured that the mice got into the house by way of the vacum pipes withing the walls..well how did we get rid of them.
    Accidentally I left something to burn on stove and the fire alarm located on the hall ceiling went off!!...it took what seemed forever to shut the alarm off...but guess what the piercing sound was too much for the mice..they vacated.
    I know this because Paisley stopped staring at the ceiling.
    Cats can hear ten times more than humans...they have very acute hearing.Where there are mice cats will find them! Good kitty cat.
    Sheila LoVe the fresh look to your blog!!I need an update badly on mine.
    Please email me.hugs Anna

  2. OMG!!! I would be really scared as rats and mice scare me! We apparently have them in plague proportions here. I have seen rats in the garden but not mice! eeewwww~

  3. Mice get into my husband's garage, we need to investigate further, but at the moment, can't seem to find their entry. They are field mice...and very small, so the entry point could be tiny! Also like you, our second story back deck may be the source, it's over the garage area.
    Good luck with your visitors, Sheila.

  4. Sheila, good luck with getting rid of those little critters. We had some a few years ago that were coming in near some water pipes under the kitchen sink. (I know they love water) I also stopped feeding the birds too close to the house, I think the mice were eating the seeds. We sealed up all the holes and luckily, no more mice! Thank heavens!

    Good luck!

  5. I've never had mice in the house but I don't think I'd like it either! lol We get them in the vegetable garden and have to trap them because they go after my beets and cucumbers. We use a large empty tomato juice can, remove the top, set it on its side and place a mouse trap inside with peanut butter on it. Traps them every time:-) xoxo

  6. Hope you have an easier time getting rid of your critters than I have.
    We have a library mouse at work. He leaves his calling cards on my desk. It is a BIG problem. They have set traps but have not caught him yet!I do not leave food out so don't know why he takes a dump where I'm trying to work! He's got some nerve.
    Luckily at home the cats get them I guess because thankfully I have not seen them here.

  7. Years ago we lived by a wheat field in Kansas. One day a mouse jumped out of a cabinet onto my husbands chest, over his shoulder, and down his back. My husband screamed as if he had been shot. Of course, I jumped on the closest chair and left my baby on the floor. Now years later it makes us laugh, but at the time it was a nightmare. We caught them in traps all the time without even baiting the traps. Good luck with ridding your home of mice.

  8. I'll never forget the one that fell out of the ceiling onto Olivia's head at our old place while we were renovating. Trying to cover her eyes as Julian whacked it with a broom. Julian shrieking like a little girl! lol
    Don't tell him I said that. So funny now, at the time, freaky.

  9. Oh those pesky varmints! We get them in the garage. They ate holes in my husband's waterproof trousers which were hanging up there! Well it made me laugh!
    He catches them with traps baited with cheese spread or peanut butter.

  10. Ohhh, don't you just love em! HA!

    I've never had them in the house... yet! Although I have had them in the garage. Aparently they love ivy. Yeah! Ivy grows on our side and back fence. It also doesn't help having an alley in back of us. We have to be on top of it during the winter.

    Good luck Sheila!


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