~crocus and birdsong~

 The crocuses are finally blooming, and the house martins are singing.
It must be Spring!!
Also this miniature Iris 
        and the scillia are coming through,
A sunny and warm afternoon, 
and all the shrubs are pruned and 
half of the deck has been torn down.
Quite a productive day I think.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post.
There seems to be a common reaction to
discovering we have mice in our homes. LOL



  1. Oooh can't wait! I love seeing your flowers come up. This year, we plant! So excited. I'll be asking for your help.
    (Knowledge-wise, not holding a shovel-wise)

  2. Isn't spring magical? I just love it.

  3. It's wonderful when spring arrives isn't it? Our crocuses are over and we are into daffodils and the first of the tulips now. Some lovely warm, sunny weather has brought things on in leaps and bounds. That miniature iris is a gorgeous colour.

  4. The blue skies of spring are here, give or take a few rainy days, but it's April showers that bring the May flowers isn't it?
    I have very little in my tiny bit of garden. Apparently the former owners of this little house were not gardeners. They do not seem to have been weeders either.... oh well.

  5. It does look like Spring has sprung in Ontario Canada! Very soon we will see your beautiful garden in full bloom! Gorgeous!

    I love the color of your crocuses!

  6. Happy Easter, dear Sheila, to you and yours... :)

    Thank you for all your loving and generous comments on my blog. Since the latest addition to our family, I don't seem to have the same interest in it these days...I only have eyes for my little one :)

  7. Everything looks beautiful!
    Happy Happy Spring and a lovely Easter to all!


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