~colour me happy~

Brightening things up, and looking out all my most colourful bits and bobs.
I'm loving these places settings etc from one of my favourite stores Pier One (above)
Also if you want to take advantage of a give away, go to the Valspar website and see what they have. Click on the pink print to go to websites!


  1. I love Pier One and the college of spring prints!

    Getting ready to plant some Lavender... and ready to just get outside! It seems like it's been a long winter.

    I will check out the websites! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I just love it when stores start coming out with all the pretty colors of spring. What fun!

  3. Lovely new picture of you! :o)

    Our Pier shops have closed down. Such a shame :o(

  4. Coming here and finding all these luscious colors is just what I need this morning.

    And your new profile photo is great!

  5. and here I am going into muted lovely autumn.. enjoy spring Sheila.. are those flowers on your sidebar from your garden?

  6. Those are gorgeous Spring vignettes. So cheerful after all that winter you've had. Love your book list from last post. Ohhh looking forward to having some time off this summer so I can just be and read some.

  7. So colorful and pretty!

    Enjoy your happy day, Sheila!


  8. I often go to Pier One and fall in love with so many things! lol Last week June and I were there and I couldn't get over how bright and colourful everything was, it's no wonder I love this time of year. After a long Winter it's lovely to see colour everywhere again. xoxo


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