~Sky Sailors~

O sky-sailor,
serenade of flight,
arrow of snow, calm
ship in the transparent storm,
you raise your equilibrium
the hoarse wind sweeps
the meadows of the sky.
 (taken from 'Ode to the Seagull' by Pablo Neruda) 

Today was the day. We needed relief from the four walls, from the television, from the computer. 
We set off with a couple of destinations in mind, cameras at the ready. Nothing looked photogenic, half melted snow covered with drifts of brown-gray dirt, hid yellowed lawns and 
sleeping flower beds. Fields are filled with the stubble of last years crops, and bare trees.

To the lake!

The lake obliged with countless shades of blue, gray and green. The geese, swans, ducks and ever present gulls crowded together on the small stretch of sand daring each other to enter the rough cold waves.
Squawks and honks and quacks fill the air, and sudden rushes with out stretched wings are seen, but their hearts aren't in it. They need the warmth of the sun and the promise of Summer, then they will pair up as the timeless ritual of finding a mate begins.


  1. Some days we do just need to escape. I love your escape.

  2. Oh how beautiful, Sheila. I love the gulls and I love to hear them too. What a great escape!


  3. Isn't it wonderful to take deep breaths of cold, fresh air! Blows the cobwebs clean away!

  4. A cool day at the lake sounds very invigorating. Love that poem and amazing poet. While here I peeked at your beautiful garden page.

  5. Such wonderful pictures you took at the lake, makes me wish I could have been there with you:-) I'm getting cabin fever as well and am so itching to start traveling but it won't be until the end of March when we go to my brother in Erin for our annual sugar bush weekend.

    The snowstorm has started over here and it's supposed to be quite the doozy...let's hope they're wrong. lol xoxo

  6. I sea greens!!! The lake is a balm for winter weariness. Love you- loved chatting with you today!! Xo

  7. beautiful views from a completely different landscape to ours... how refreshing is that? Love it!

  8. Ah yes one can always find peace and balance walking along the waters edge. Good for the soul.
    Good for you getting out from hibernating indoors.
    Soon I will return..hope that Spring is in the air by then!

  9. The water looks very cold, but the birds know that Spring is on the way. Isn't it nice now that the clocks have "sprung" forward and we have a bit more light in the evening?


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