~Reading and Relaxing, or trying to...~

I'm feeling frustrated and somewhat annoyed at the moment. The Sony Reader that I got at Christmas is kaput! The screen is frozen, and after following all their directions for DIY fixes nothing worked. I took it along to the authorized repair place this morning, only to find out that it will cost at least $90 to repair. They said I could buy a new one for $139.00. Yes I'll just do that...NOT! The price has come down a lot since Christmas, when it cost $229.00. The store it was purchased at filed the warranty, and now say they can't find the record of it.
I haven't given up, but I need to remove myself from the situation and decide on my next move.
Well.. now I've vented I feel better !
Deep breath...
My next stop was the book store as I needed something to read. A couple of magazines, and a couple of novels and I'm okay for the week. Soothing colors to calm me, and flowers and gardens to inspire me.  Good words to relax with.


  1. oh what a shame- deep breath and relax, nothing beats a harda copy of a book eh? I would be so upset too with this situation!

  2. I hope you get a satisfactory outcome Sheila. Naughty of the shop to 'lose' your guarantee paperwork.
    Surely the Sony Reader should not need repairing after less than 3 months use?

  3. At least books down *freeze*.
    Hoping for better results and quick repair of your reader though.

  4. Stopping by a bookstore for books and magazines always soothes my ruffled edges. Good to hear you will be having a resolution on the reader.


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