~Is the Calendar telling the Truth?~

 Tomorrow is the first day of Spring,
and as my calendar tells me, 
Debut du Printemps and Purim.
Over this past week, the rain has melted the snow. 
 Warmer winds have begun to dry the grass, and the temperature has reached double digits. When I got up this morning the sky was blue and the sun was shining. 
How it does my spirit good to see this!
Putting on a light jacket over my PJ's,
I took my camera for a walk.
It may not seem much but I see so much promise.
Violets and bulbs getting ready to add colour to the garden, though spent hydrangea heads 
hang on, despite all that Winter blasted them with.  
The ever present evidence of rabbits, their droppings littering the flower beds, 
and the occasional nibbled hyacinth. 
I think if I was a rabbit I would nibble them too. 
How good they must taste after a diet of dry vegetation.

Today would have been my Mother's 88th birthday.
Thinking of you Mum, like I do most days, 
and remembering how much you loved primroses.
Nineteen years ago we were together in Cornwall,
and in Tintagel, the primroses were flowering between the
cracks of the old stone walls around the village.

I hope you all enjoy this first weekend of Spring
where ever you are.


  1. Have a lovely weekend. So nice to see the sun shining and the grass showing through, but there's a cold wind out there today! I'm eager to see if there are any bulbs to come up in my small front garden (I moved here last November) but I doubt it as I don't think the previous residents were keen gardeners. Oh, well, I'll just have to enjoy yours!

  2. did I know that our mothers had the same birthday? did you?

    enjoy your spring time xo

    Tintagel, Cornwall *sigh*

  3. How those first signs of spring lift the spirits! x

  4. Spirits are lifted here too with Spring in the air and Daffodils blooming.

  5. Lovely spring! The most beautiful time of year. Enjoy your day, Sheila.


  6. Sheila,It is a sign of a true photographer to get out in your PJ's and Jacket to capture the moment.
    Happy First day of Spring!!
    Looking forward to seeing those bulbs bloom.

  7. Wonderful photos of spring! You'd never know it here....today we've had very strong wind and it's rained all day. We've had a fire in the fireplace most of the afternoon so I'm cozy.

  8. I love it when Spring finally arrives in all it's glory. Your pictures and header are just beautiful today! The house next to ours is in foreclosure, so I picked the daffodils there and brought them in to enjoy. Sadly it sits empty for almost a year now. I hope with spring here someone will come along that can give it love and put a breath of fresh air there.

  9. I want to go there!!!! Tintagel. Cornwall!
    I miss Grandma so much. So much still lingers of her. You are lucky to have had that trip with her. Nice memories to take forward with you. I wish I could have gone too, but I was a little shit 19 years ago-probably not the best company on a journey like that.
    Love you!!! xoxo


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