~A week of Birthdays~

I didn't buy fresh flowers this week, but an assortment of 'faux' blooms, that make me think of Spring.

I also bought a potted plant, but cannot for the life of me think of it's name.
I will be so pleased when Spring arrives. This Winter seems to have been so long and unproductive.  Most of the snow has melted away, and today was milder. I am aching to get outside and walk and take pictures.  I have read so many books already this year I feel I am going cross-eyed.... 
Three of our grandchildren have birthdays this week. Two sweet grand daughters ( 2 and 6) and a wonderful grandson (6). We are so blessed to have all our grandchildren live nearby and be a part of our lives every day .
I'm hoping for a good weather day tomorrow, I have cabin fever..!


  1. I hope you have some good weather so you can get out and enjoy it.

    You are in deed very lucky to have all your grandchildren close by. I haven't had that pleasure and I feel I missed out on a lot. Now all my grandchildren are grown and starting their own lives. Maybe I can hope for time with future great-grandkids!!

  2. its funny you should have cabin fever... I do to but for the opposite reason. When its this hot all the time going outside is awful and you get burnt quickly! so we have the same prob just opposite reasons! lol. I also have some faux catkins..pussy willows? they dont grow here and I never see them at the shops either.

  3. The daffs are just about ready to open here. Down in London last week there was blossom on one or two almond trees in Kensington Gardens. It's still pretty cool and grey here, but when the sun shines I rush out into it. I wonder why a blue sky makes us feel better. Hope your spring arrives real soon and then won't it be wonderful! xxx

  4. Cabin fever along with Spring fever were visiting me. Although raining today, it's finally spring-like here and I've had two walks to the creek. We are both lucky to have our grandchildren so close!

  5. How wonderful to have three grandchildren nearby and to celebrate their birthdays with them. And flowers, yes I did buy flowers this week too. Must have flowers in the house to help survive the rainy season.

  6. Soon it will be spring, Sheila! I like your pretty blooms you bought and it's always nice to have a new green potted plant in the house (even if you don't know the name)!

    Happy Birthday to all the grandchildren! It's so nice to have them close.



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