A nasty weekend coming up, storms predicted and lots of precipitation.  I shall stay home and stay cosy I think. These are this weeks flowers. Very small pale pink tulips. I busied myself tidying my 'office' this week.
 It's just a small spare bedroom. that contains my computer and odds and end of furniture that don't fit in any where else in the house. It's amazing how much paper and bits we collect unnecessarily isn't it ? I filled a garbage bag!

 I learned this week, all be it sixteen years late, that my High School geography teacher had died at the age of 88. Mrs Crossland was a lovely lady, one of my favourites  in the Lower Third. What surprised me was this...

Since compiling these memories the death has occurred of Mrs. Bernie Crossland who taught at K.H.S. during the years 1946-1972. She died at the age of 88 on March 21st 1995 and was the last
surviving suffragette. Her obituary appeared in several national newspapers.
In 1914, when she was seven years old, Bernie accompanied her mother Eleanor Beatrice Higginson and other suffragettes on a march through Preston in Lancashire. Wearing a large purple cloak, she took the place of a woman who could not face the opposition they would encounter. When they reached the market, they were pelted with cauliflower stalks by the men. Bernie's mother told her not to throw the stalks back because they would only provide more ammunition.
Bernie took a degree in Geography and a Diploma of Education at Leeds University. She not only taught her subject in schools but also gave talks about the campaign for votes for women. By
displaying her mother's medals, blood spattered sash of purple, white and green, release papers from Holloway prison, where she was held under the Cat and Mouse Act, and a letter from Mrs. Pankhurst, Bernie made her audiences vividly aware of the bravery of the women who strove for and won the vote.

They have since named a street for her in my home town.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. How wonderful to have the opportunity to know this special woman. And tiding up the office is a very good thing. Happy weekend!

  2. We're supposed to have beautiful weather over here this weekend so keep your storms over there please! lol Today it's sunny and -8c but the winds are really nippy. I'm sooo ready for Spring!!

    Shawn's old bedroom is the one I turned into a computer/crafting room...it's also my faerie room! lol I make such a mess when I craft, it's ridiculous, must vaccuum and clean up almost every day. You did a great job cleaning up yours:-)

    How very fascinating about your former geography teacher. I had never heard of "suffragette" before so I googled it and now I know what it means:-) I can't even imagine what these women went through when they were fighting for the right to vote. We have a lot to be thankful for because of them!! How I would have loved to have heard Bernie tell her story.

    Your pink tulips are gorgeous!! xoxo

  3. That is amazing! I often shop in Preston and the open market is still very much in existence. I shall think of Mrs Crossland and her mother every time I cross the cobblestones.

    Nice office! Is that a quilt on the chair by any chance?! :o)

  4. How fascinating to find out that little bit of history.... and to think that you didn't know that your teacher was involved with the suffragette movement.... WOW! I'm glad about the street being named after her, she deserves to be recognised and remembered.

  5. Wow, quite a special woman and an interesting story.

    Have a good weekend, Sheila!

  6. Mum I love your tulips! And I loved seeing Dad's painting of them today...a talented bloke is my fathah!!!
    Your teacher was a pioneer...we can thank her for the freedoms we have that she stood up for.
    Women rock!

  7. Your office looks very peaceful.
    I could probably fill up a couple of trash bags in my room. Maybe I'd be inspired to clean it if I had tulips.
    Yes! That's it...I need to get some tulips so I can clean my room.
    Thanks Shelia...love you!

  8. rubbish - oh yes.. I gather alot of it in my art/computer room.. I always wonder where it comes from

    can you grow tulips where you live? it is a little too hot here.. but they do grow not far from where i live.

  9. It is amazing, how much influence a teacher can have on a person's life. I am glad you had this fine person in your life. RIP.


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