Snow And Roses

 To You, Let Snow And Roses

TO you, let snow and roses
And golden locks belong.
These are the world's enslavers,
Let these delight the throng.
For her of duskier lustre
Whose favour still I wear,
The snow be in her kirtle,
The rose be in her hair!
The hue of highland rivers
 Careering, full and cool,
From sable on to golden,
From rapid on to pool
The hue of heather honey,
The hue of honey bees,
Shall tinge her golden shoulder,
Shall gild her tawny knees.
  Robert Louis Stevenson  

Yesterday was supposed to bring a severe snow storm, but it was a non event. 
My father in law was laid to rest beside his wife. He was the last of our parents and our generation  moves up a step. We are the oldies now.


  1. Dear Sheila, first of all please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your father in law. I'm glad that his funeral was a celebration of his life and not a sad event. He had a wonderful long life and for that you all have to be thankful:-)

    I so loved your pictures of the rose in the snow and the accompanying poem...just perfect!!

    Steve said they got hit with that snowstorm and Barrie was shut right down. We haven't had any new snow in a couple of weeks but there's still lots left from then. The temps have been frigid but for the next few days we're supposed to get a bit of a break.

    Stay warm my friend. xoxo

  2. The lovely poem, photos of the rose in snow and the serene music were appreciated, Sheila. As you know our losses happened about the same time. We attended my brother-in-law's funeral Thursday at noon...the weather was thankfully mild.

  3. The roses and the snow make for such beautiful photos. I'm glad to hear that the funeral was a celebration of a long life and not too sad. And the fact that you didn't get hit by the snow storm is good, too. Seems like most of my country got slammed by it.

  4. The roses in the snow are gorgeous! The words very special too. Take care, be warm, and hugs as you move forward. No matter how old someone is when they past on we miss them dearly.

  5. My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your Father-in-law. It's so true.... we are becoming the oldies now. BBB (Born Before Beethoven) as my cousin calls the older generation.
    As we get older, we seem to be attending more and more funerals. I'll be at a funeral for a very dear friend on Saturday.


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