I had great plans for today. Instead I went to bed early last night with a wicked headache.

When I woke up I had earache and a sore throat. So, rather than going out to take photos I am still in my PJ's and playing with photos on my computer. I've never invested in a computer program for editing photographs and wonder if anyone can recommend one.  Something that is not too difficult to master. At present I use Picnik, but would like something with more options.

Time now to make myself a nice chai tea with soy, and read some more of my Bill Bryson book....


  1. Sorry you're feeling under the weather today. I hope the chai tea makes you feel better.

    I'm no help to you with the editing program. I use a simple Kodak program I downloaded but it doesn't do a lot past the basics. I'm just not very techie!

  2. Sorry to hear you are poorly. Not much fun eh? Hope it is over quickly.
    I use Paint Shop Pro 8, but only use a few of the features. Vista operating system on my laptop has it's own photo editing program built in and is very good for taking out red eye.

    Bill Bryson always makes me chuckle! I have recently discovered Garrison Keiller on the radio, I love his news from Lake Woebegon. We can get it on BBC Radio 7.

    The UK Government has dropped the plans to sell off the Ancient Woodland, because of public demand. There was a petition of half a million signatures, and about 200,000 wrote to their MPs. Thank you Sheila for your support.

  3. Awww you poor dear, I do hope you feel better real soon. I had that over Christmas and it's no fun. Plenty of rest and chai tea...that's the way to do it:-)

    I use the Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo x2 program and I love it. It's with that program that I make all my headers and such for my blog. A great site to get all kinds of free digital scrapbooking tubes and such is:


    I download tons of pictures from there and use them to make my headers, buttons, etc. Great fun:-) xoxo

  4. I hope you are feeling better. The chai tea and book sounds like the perfect way to recuperate.


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