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Duck photos taken at the lake on Friday.
I wondered if mallards mated for life, and looked it up.
It seems some do and some don't. Once her eggs have hatched, she is more concerned with her offspring and she will drive him off, and quite happily be a single mum.
However if she feels safe she will allow him to stay and even let him watch the ducklings for short periods while she eats. If sent away he will seek out another female and mate again as drakes don't like to be alone. In some cases the drake will attack the ducklings and kill them, so that the female will mate again. These two look quite happy, so I'm hoping theirs will be a long, productive and uncomplicated relationship!
I like happy endings!


  1. Fascinating, I didn't know this. Great photos of the ducks. I like happy endings too.

  2. The ways of nature...hope the couple remain happy and trusting.

  3. Interesting........I hope for a happy ending too. Nice photos, Sheila!


  4. I always wonder how their little feet don't freeze! lol You really got some great pictures, especially love the ones in flight. I didn't know that about ducks...quite interesting. Let's hope that "couple" lasts a long time together:-) xoxo

  5. This post reminded me of the ducks on the Avon River in Christchurch, New Zealand. We loved to watch the little ducklings, along with their parents.


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