Fresh flowers in the house in Winter, 
bring all the joy of a Summer's day. 

Do you buy flowers for the house in Winter?
What are your favourites?


  1. The roses are beautiful. I buy flowers rather sporadically year round. Some days I just want to have them close by and then at other times I don't even think about flowers. I tend to like very casual bouquets....mixed varieties, things that look like wild flowers just gathered from a field.

  2. Yes, I must have flowers in the house. Lately I have just bought one stem of lilies. They are so fragrant and I love watching them open up. They definitely bring me JOY.

  3. Such gorgeous white roses! I haven't bought any fresh flowers in a few months...I do still have my Christmas poinsettia but that's not really a flower is it?! Even if it is, it has no scent! lol xoxo


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