~Chai please~

 Masala chai, my favourite beverage, made with soy milk...

and a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel, with plain cream cheese..

My comfort food...what is yours?

We had our snow over the weekend and then last evening it warmed up, and snow became rain. It washed the snow away and now the sun is shining. 

Spring where are you?


  1. Your comfort food could definitely be mine too! Love them, especially chai.

  2. Well, I think buttered toast and PG Tips tea with milk goes down well. I think it is the smell of the toast as much as the taste! I also like Kelloggs Cornflakes after a spell of poorliness, and sometimes Weetabix, and then there is porridge and maple syrup . . . shall I go on?!!!!

  3. I just made some banana and cranberry muffins and I had one with some butter while it was still warm with a cuppa tea (the regular kind) and mmmm... definitely comfort food, I may have to eat a second one.
    Spring? I think it's gone AWOL, it's very cold and windy here today. I'm hibernating.

  4. A cup of hot chocolate and a fruit scone for me:) I don't drink tea at all but shall be buying quite a lot, including Chai, to take out to South Africa with me - my DIL is having withdrawal symptoms and it's too expensive for them to buy out there.

  5. Ive tried chai but it didnt seem to agree with me! Shame cos I love trying out new teas. In summer I am drinking cold iced teas by liptons and in winter just good old teabags normal flavour does me.Oh with a nice biccie off course!!

  6. I LOVE Chai too Sheila! Sipping a cup of it makes life just a little bit better.

  7. Oh gosh Sheila!I love this soft new look to your blog!! I need a lift on mine..perhaps G. can assist me as I'm not a techy kind of gal.
    Chai I do like it but my comfort is dare I say...c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e!
    I would love to stay here much longer...we are on our way home Apr.1
    waving from Gemmaland! xo


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