~Observed on a Winter's Day~

Time-honored, beautiful, solemn and wise.
Noble, sacred and ancient
Trees reach the highest heavens and penetrate the deepest secrets of the earth.
Trees are the largest living beings on this planet.
Trees are in communion with the spiritual and the material.
Trees guard the forests and the sanctified places that must not be spoiled.
Trees watch over us and provide us with what we need to live on this planet.
Trees provide a focal point for meditation, enlightenment, guidance and inspiration.
Trees have a soul and a spirit.
Tree Magick by Lavenderwater

Today was one of those bright crisp Winter days, that call you to venture out and inhale the cool crisp air and to clear your mind.  Not feeling that energetic, I sorted through some stored photos instead, and found this one from a couple of years ago. The words perhaps echo Rowan's feelings. See her blog on my side bar. If you live in the UK,  can you visit and sign the petition link she has there please. 


  1. I live in the midst of trees, my solitude walks in the woods give me a spiritual lift, during times like these.

    My sister is making the same arrangements now too, Sheila. Her husband passed Saturday.

  2. I'm thinking of you and your family at this sad time. And there's a huge snowstorm due on Wednesday, I hope it won't be too bad.

  3. A walk amongst the trees in solitude can certainly clear the mind and lift the spirit.
    Thinking of you, dear Sheila.


  4. I did walk today, but your picture reminds me of a beautiful quilt I saw on Saturday. At some point I will put a picture on my blog. It was amazing and much like your picture.


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