~Fireside enjoyments~

 Do you have a Home Sense store near you?
We do and I am addicted to it.
I never leave empty handed.
Pretty pieces of china, books, and linens.

 This is a small throw, made in India.
Colourful and hand stitched.
One of my favourite finds.

It is perfect for snuggling into on days like this.
Curled up on the sofa.
Reading, nibbling treats, drinking tea.

One of my Christmas gifts above.
I have wanted one since using my daughter's when we were away last summer.
I love to read, and you can download books and tuck it into your purse,
to read while waiting for appointments or traveling.
Huge heavy books,(think Stephen King and Ken Follett)...
books that make your arms ache when you read in bed,
can be loaded onto the eReader and held comfortably.
I am delighted with it.

 What was your favourite gift this year?


  1. I love the colours of India.
    is it difficult to read on that? ahh the ways of the modern world :)

  2. I don't know if I would want one of those electronic books, I like the idea of the feel of paper and looking at a coloured cover and the motion of turning the pages. And I look at a screen of some sort far too much (computer, TV, cell phone, movies etc) so that would be just one more screen....

  3. beautiful throw! looks so colourful like the land it came from!

  4. Love the throw, Sheila, the colors are beautiful! Glad to hear you got your ereader!

    Hugs to you,

  5. Hmmm I will google Home Sense to see if we have one around here. I am always on the look out for great stores even if I just browse. The experience fills the well.
    Great quiltie!!!
    My favorite gift wold have to be a $ gift certificate to bookstore...so I can read too.

  6. No Home Sense here, but very pretty throw. Favorite gift I think was a gift certificate to a local kitchen store - got some much needed new pans. Also a spa day, which is coming up next week. Looking forward to that.

  7. You and me both where Home Sense is concerned! lol I absolutely love that store and like you, never leave there without having bought something, just can't help it!!! Love your throw, it's gorgeous.

    Such a wonderful present you received for Christmas, I've heard so many good things about those ereaders. My favourite gift this year was the gift card I received for Home Sense! LOL xoxo

  8. I'm pretty confident that we don't have a Home Sense where I live! If only....

  9. Oh nice quilt :)
    Jewel tones are so great in winter aren't they?

    I liked my new winter coat a lot...oh yes, that was my favourite gift from YOU!


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