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Under Miscellany......I have been MIA for the past two weeks, but have lots to show for it. I have replenished my wardrobe..finally. During the past  few years I have bought few items of clothing and not really enjoyed shopping at all. Lately I have renewed my interest and realised I needed to smarten myself up. I went on a shopping spree, and had lots of fun. I won't bore you with what I bought, but I am especially pleased with this jacket. Made in Italy, from soft leather, it was a great deal. Stores seem to have their sales before Christmas these days, and I got this jacket for a bargain price at Danier. Marked  down by $300.00, how could I not buy it !!  Merry Christmas to me!!   I have also made inroads on my Christmas shopping list too, and it's good to know I won't be rushing around at the last minute. 


 Mumblings....Our whole sub-division has been under siege. The water pipes had to be replaced. It staggers me to think that they only lasted 25 years, from when these homes were built. Many blunders have been made, some were fixed, only for neighbours to wake up and find their front gardens under water where the pipes had leaked. Another house had the sewage pipe cracked, and it had to be replaced and the soil trucked away and replaced. Several had hydro and cable connections severed. Driveways were dug up, and gardens had holes 10 feet deep. It is almost over they are about to replace the sod, but I think our driveways will be gravel until the Spring. Well enough of that, I am grateful that we have clean drinking water when so many in the world do not.

Under Memories...This week in 1966 my Mother, myself and my two younger sisters were aboard the Cunard ship RMS Corinthia sailing from Liverpool England to Montreal Canada, to begin a new life. My Dad was already here, having flown over the month before. The crossing was very bad, and many passengers were confined to their cabins with mal de mer, including the crew! I was one of the lucky ones and was able to amuse myself until we docked. I had my meals each day with the very few who were able to make it to the dining room.

I also spent time going through old photos. I was looking for one to post for Remembrance Day. I became so involved with them I didn't get the post up. This is me aged eight, along side a photo of my eldest grand son at the same age. Do you see a resemblance, I do.

I also found this. Me at Felixstowe or Lowestoft in England aged three. When ever Matt saw this a young child he used to say it was him. I smile when I see the summer dress, complete with white collar and smocking. I can almost guarantee I was wearing white ankle socks, and red Clarks sandals too. No shorts and tee shirts and flip flops in those days. More than half a century ago!

And finally, the photo I was looking for. My Dad's grandparents and their children. My grandfather is the man in the suit in the back row, with my grandmother to his right. He had been  hurt in the war and sent home permanently. The soldiers at each side of the photo were not actually present and their images had been added later. The one on the left, my Great Uncle Ralph, had been killed two years earlier and wad buried in France. On the right Great Uncle Hubert who saw his brother killed in battle, but survived to be a life long military man.

Since I may not post again before November 25th I want to wish my American friends A Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I love the look of your new jacket Sheila. I bet you feel like a million dollars in it.
    Yes, I can definately see the family resemblance between Matt and yourself. Genetics is fascinating isn't it?

  2. Oooh La La! I love the jacket! I bet you look Oooh La La in it too!

    I shook my head in disbelief as I read about your neighborhood and wonder how that can happen when the houses are only 25 years old. Ours is going on 21.... scary. You have a good attitude Sheila.

    I enjoyed your memory of the Cunard ship and encourage you to tell us more about it. I found myself wanting more...

    I can see a resemblence between your grandson! I love old photos! I would rather my great grandma tell me stories looking through the photo album than read me a book... How adorable of you on the beach! I love how we dressed back then compared to the present.

    I enjoyed your post Sheila... as always!

  3. I so enjoyed your old photo's....and what a brave child you must have been to come across the Atlantic on a ship...you couldn't get me on a ship if it was docked....LOL...
    Love your new leather jacket...it's gorgeous...so hip!

  4. OH Sheila I almost exclaimed out loud when I saw the clarks sandlas bit... oh yes I'd forgotten about them. I had to wear them too part of the summer uniform. I always wanted a red pair but mum would only buy me white ones! I LOVE your oldie photos so many happy memories....love it!

    ps my dh emigrated to australia in 1966 and they went on the ten pound voyage to Aus. on a ship too it took them 6v weeks back then. more memories pleae!

  5. Enjoyed your reminiscents. I can fully understand wanting your neighborhood back. Great jacket. Isn't it fun when we find good deals?

  6. You have done some changes to your blog, Sheila... it looks great! Your grandson most certainly resembles you. I have a large family portrait of my great grandparents and two of their eleven children were later superimposed into it.

    Loved your jacket and the photo of you at age three!

  7. The jacket is awesome. I love it too! Good you got something for yourself for Christmas.
    Great vintage family pictures. How are you preserving yours? Do you have names/dates on the back of the photos? I have found old family photos and don't know who is who. BTW I especially love the pix of you at 3 and as a girl.

  8. I so enjoyed the photos and your jacket is awesome. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

  9. Hi Sheila,
    Oh I so enjoyed your memories and photos. How wonderful.

    I love your new jacket. Fabulous!



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