~.....and we shall have snow~

By the end of October few leaves
were left..
The little pear tree.
those that were, are tinted with shades
that Mother Nature uses to paint her
Autumn canvas.
Like the Japanese Maple
in all her crimson glory..
and this leaf in glorious gold..
and these in green and gold and red!
A forgotten apple,
hanging like a tree ornament,
in vibrant red.
And last but not least,
The Maple Leaf

I haven't spent much time on the computer this week. I've been getting organized in an attempt to be ahead of the game for Christmas. Already the stores seem to be crowded, and it strengthens my resolve to have all my shopping done by the end of this month.
It's been cooler at night and rainy, and today snow is called for, but so far it hasn't appeared. Next week is supposed to be quite warm, so hopefully we will get a few more good days before Winter sets in.
I haven't taken any photos yet this month, these are some from the end of October. Now most of the the trees are bare, their black fingers pointing toward the cloudy white sky. Halloween was quiet, not as many children came as in years past. The neighbourhood is quite settled now and all the young ones are either away at school or married and moved.
It's nice to be able to enjoy some comfort food now that the days are colder. I'm taking advantage of the local harvest and making lots of veggie dishes, this week we had a lovely spicy, chunky vegetable soup, and last night I made a vegetable lasagna. I've also been snuggling up and reading more and I've just finished Paulo Coelho's "The Winner Stands Alone".  Set in Cannes, during the film festival, it focuses on the 'super class' in the world of film and fashion and makes one wonder why anyone would pursue fame. I like Coelho, but I found this a hard read for some reason.  I've just started a Steven King, called 'Under The Dome', it's about 2 inches thick, so it should keep me absorbed for a while. So far I'm really enjoying it.
Tomorrow we are looking after two of our grand daughters for a few hours, and we are all going to visit my father in law, their Great Grand Father. My FIL is 92 now and still lives alone and does almost everything for himself. Lately he has been feeling a little under the weather and enjoys a visit from us. He hasn't seen the girls for some time, so we are hoping it will cheer him up.
It's been difficult in recent weeks to find things to blog about, I will plod on however and try to post at least once a week and stay in touch with those who visit me. I shall still visit you and comment as often as possible.
Hope you have a great weekend doing the things that make you happy.



  1. Lately, I've been posting every 2 weeks, it's just the way it is at the moment. Visits from grandchildren keep me otherwise occupied too sometimes, plus my computer has seen it's better days. Will be switching over to another this weekend. Just know I will be here whenever you post, Sheila...would hate to lose touch!

  2. Lovely autumn colours Sheila. I know what you mean about not blogging as often. Sometimes I get 'blogger's block' too! :o)
    I love to visit my blogging friends though, and that means you!
    Take care and enjoy the build up to Christmas.
    Love, Lynda

  3. Hi Sheila your photographs are stunning. The light on the edges of the leaves, so very nice.
    Gorgeous really! Have fun visiting. It is great having the generations get together. Memories will be made. I always enjoy your posts,but I know what you mean sometimes I just can't think of anything to say. How is it that some can tell about their days so magically? I posted a 5 second video...that's really sad.

  4. I do love the colour of the leaves at this time of year! I too have got out of the habit of blogging, but will try to improve this winter!

    Would you or anyone who reads this be interested in doing a blogasphere Tea Towel Swap, if so, pop across to my blog and sign up please.

  5. Did you have snow on the rooftops this morning?
    BRRRRR it's going to be here very soon!
    I'll be blogging a bit more often now that my time is no longer taken up with house hunting, I am moving in a couple of weeks and I just can't wait!

  6. Snow! Really? Our trees are just now starting to turn colors. The nectarine tree is losing a few leaves but that's about it.

    I love seeing your photos. You have such a good eye for catching just the right shot.

  7. Your Autumn is lovely... and your vegie soup sounded good!

    I've been on fb more lately. It's been easier to react and make a single comment than to post on my blog lately.

    I hope your doing well... I still read your blog via google reader. I know you had a doctor's appointment and googled away to understand what you had mentioned.

    I've had my sister's kids over and spend a lot of time with them. Children can't help but lift the spirits!


  8. Just stopped by to say hello. Hope your week is going well.

  9. Beautiful autumn photos, thank you

  10. Hello dear Sheila, I'm finally back to blogging after my break to renovate the living room...glad that's all over with now! lol I love your pictures, especially the one of the lone apple hanging from the tree. Makes me want to go pick it and bring it in from the cold:-)

    We haven't had any snow yet which surprises me as by now we've usually had one or two snowfalls, even if it doesn't stay on the ground. Hopefully we'll have an easy winter like we did last year, we only needed to use the snowblower once, we had so little snow.

    I'm sure your father in law enjoyed the girls' visit:-) It's wonderful that at 92 he still lives alone and can take care of himself. God willing that we can still do that as well when we reach that age! lol

    Take good care of YOU! xoxo

  11. Hi again Sheila,
    Thinking of you.
    Hope you are enjoying the season.
    Sometimes slow days are the best!
    Love you!


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