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I adore this photo. It was taken circa 1944, either in Egypt or Palestine, I can't remember which. It is my Dad. He was eighteen years old, and though I say it myself, isn't he handsome? Yesterday would have been his 84th birthday. There is so much I could tell you about him. When he died in June of last year, the minister (an Army chaplain) sat with me and my two sisters and talked to us about him. He never knew my dad, but after an hour and a few cups of tea, he felt that he did. The minister was amazed with the hobbies my Dad had, his accomplishments, and his life experience. So often, he said, he sits with families of the deceased and asks them about the departed, and they draw a blank. Well, what did he like to do, he will ask. What were his hobbies, etc, etc. If he is lucky he will get a few things he can use. He said we had given him so much, he hoped when his time came that people remembered him with such love and pride.  Dad always set us a good example, he was fun, and funny, helpful and kind.  At the end of his life he had senile dementia, he was so sweet and trusting. His short term memory was non~existent. The afternoon before he died, I got to his room, and my sister told him I was there, he sat up with great difficulty and with vacant eyes gave me a smile. He knew me. While my sister got some much needed rest I sat through the night with Dad, holding his hand, and  softly talked aloud about my childhood memories, I sang him the nursery rhymes that he had sung to me when I couldn't sleep as a child. I also told him that it was okay to go, that we knew how tired he was. Early the next morning he raised his head from the pillow, and with a look of wonder, he gazed past my sister and I and was gone.
I miss him most days, yesterday more than most.
This is a personal post, not the one I had intended, but I needed to write it.

I made the pumpkin bread yesterday afternoon, after some delay. I bake more often these days, and two people can only eat so much. I was looking after Madison, Dad's youngest great grand daughter. Madison and I ate slices of it warm from the oven, and when my daughter in law picked her up, I gave them half to take home. It was only afterwards that I realized I had forgotten to photograph it. My eldest grand~daughter Olivia loves to watch the Cooking channel with me, she wishes that as well as picture and sound we could smell the food. I think she is on to something..


  1. love to you sweet Sheila.. my dad died over 15yrs ago and I still miss him alot..

    your dad left you alot of good memories xoxo

  2. Sheila, how sweet....and so many good memories. I still miss my dad too and think of him often.


  3. Lovely post, Sheila, your father's peaceful passing must give you a bit of comfort, it's somewhat like my mothers, who passed 3 years ago at 83.

    I've just begun reading "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Morton, a book you mentioned in a previous post. I feel I will like it also.

  4. my dad died in his sleep and I never got to say goodbye! I am so sad about that, but still have very happy memoires of him. Thanks for sharing your special memories of your dad.

  5. What precious memories you have of your Dad.My Dad was a unique sort with a lot of interests as well. I think we should come to post not knowing what we'll blog about. Fresh thoughts on the page are often most sincere. Yes I'm with O. Food channel needs smellavision.

  6. A big hug for you, dear Sheila. How about trying 'currant tea cakes' or 'fruit loaf' next? Just a thought! :o)

  7. Your dad sounds like he was a wonderful person and oh yes, he was indeed very handsome:-) You have so many beautiful and cherished memories of him. I still miss my dad after 32 years so it never really goes away.

    I still say we should have "scratch & sniff" here on our blogs so that we could smell the cooking and baking we do! hehe I just came back from meeting June at Timmies and we both had a pumpkin spice tea and a pumpkin muffin...sooooo good!!! xoxo

  8. How dear to have had a special dad such as yours. Enjoy the memories and thanks for sharing. My husband made pumpkin bread last evening. but put too much baking powder in it. I think I will need to bake another one soon to feed my pumpkin hunger.

  9. This is a lovely post about your dad and you are quite right - he was a very handsome man:)

  10. Dad's are great people aren't they? Mine was lovely. He's been gone now for over 30 years, and I have very happy memories of him. Little me, helping him in the garden, picking strawberries, planting potatoes, he dug the hole and I put the potato in.
    I hope that my 2 sons will be good dads too, and so far, they are heading in the right direction.

  11. I've always associated October with him, and always will.
    I miss him terribly.
    He was sweet beyond words. His actions always eluded to how much he loved all of us.
    A gentle man. A kind man.

  12. I want to invite you to my Sock Hop birthday party on my blog...we're doing the Jitterbug! hehe xoxo


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