~Looking back at Summer~

Laneway between old homes in Port Colborne
Carousel horse at Sherkston

A few of the many photos taken this Summer shown here. These are from our Girls Only Week, with my daughter and 2 grand~daughters.
I seem to be constantly playing catch up lately. This last week has been so busy. Hair appointment (shorter still!), baby sitting my lovely grand children ..!! 
Fall is here and the nights are drawing in and getting quite cool. Our trees are still very green with very little Fall colour evident.
I've started making bread again, and doing some baking. I made the corn bread recipe I found on Wanda's blog, and Wanda it is delicious. I hadn't made this before and I found it so easy. It is sure to become a firm favourite.
I also want to try the cake that Robyn makes in the Fall, an apple cake, so I must look back at her old blog where I think she had the recipe.
I've decorated with a few new Fall things and bought some nicely scented soy candles, (cloves, pumpkin, cinnamon,) and bought some new oil for my Lampe Begere, called By The Fireside.
I've been reading a lot too, and have just enjoyed the Steig Larsson books The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and The Girl who Played with Fire, these two are part of a trilogy, The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest is the third. It isn't available here in paperback yet, but I will get it as soon as it becomes available. I really enjoyed them.
Now I will visit and see what you are up to!
Yummy lunches served here!
Stores in Port Colborne
Bridge in Port Colborne



  1. Sending love and hugs, dear Sheila. Hope you are feeling better soon. x

  2. A friend gave me the third book in the series. I recently finished it. You will enjoy it. Hope you are doing OK and they don't find anything to be worried about. Happy Autumn!

  3. Great photos. Carousal horses are somehow magic. Girl trips are the best.Glad you had fun.
    Hope you are feeling better Sheila.((Hugs))
    Those recipes sound perfect for fall.

  4. yes, yummy lunches WERE served there!!! Still jealous about the purse you snagged whilst we were shopping...I did get the good wallet but the other thing I bought does not fit :(
    it's going in the donation bin.

    Pt. Colbourne rules!!! Those ships!! can't believe how big they are going through the small canal....xoxo

  5. loved the photos - seeing other parts of the world is lovely. Hope youre up to your usual form soon Sheila!

  6. We are also beginning to get the autumnal feel in the air! We have lit the front fire the last few nights, but it is not cold enough for the Rayburn yet!
    I hope all your tests turn out the way they should, its our bodies that tend to give out yet our heads tell us we can do anything!! If only !!!

  7. Lovely photos, Sheila. I especially like the first one. Fall is slowly showing itself here too, but it is still very warm. Enjoy your reading and all the little things that bring you joy.


  8. hope you found the apple cake.. it is a really lovely one for autumn.

    hope you get you get some sorting out down with the assessment and meds.. it could just be your body clock going into fall.. maybe?
    the photos were beautiful.. love the carousel horse! I loved that movie Carousel - use to watch it with my Pa :)

  9. I recognized all those places in Port Colborne:-) We've been there a couple of times and just love it. In fact, that last picture of the bridge on the canal...we sat on that bench while watching Tall Ships coming through:-) I love that carousel and have been on it a few times! lol I love it that it's only .5 cents a ride!

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're having health problems again, it sure isn't any fun, is it:-( Hopefully your results will come in soon and you can find out what's going on. As for your meds not seeming to be working anymore, sometimes that's just to let you know that you may need a bit of a stronger dosage. What I take for my anxiety, the doctor kept upping it until we hit the magic number. lol So far, after 3 years, I'm still doing great:-)

    YESSSSS, we must meet soon! I just realized this morning that I hadn't answered your comment where you asked if we could meet! lol I'll be going up to Barrie on the weekend of Oct. 14, 15, 16 but that's just to pick up Steve and make our way to NF for our "ghostly" weekend! lol What I'd love to do is on our way there , maybe we could meet at a timmies in Vaughan? Would that be too far for you to travel just to meet up? Let me know and we can plan something:-) xoxo

  10. what lovely photos Sheila! I love looking back on photos I've taken during a particular season. Youv'e captured what your summer was... simply wonderful! I find sometime's, at the time, I am so busy living it, I missed some of it. Then when I look back on the pictures, it was really quite lovely.
    Do you know what I mean?

    I hope you feel better soon. Honestly, I should be on something too... I spend way to much time on the couch. I look like one of those commercials (advertizing for a medication) asking you if your depressed. I see my daughter walk by and I know it makes her sad seeing me like this. I try... but if I'm not consistant, it gets the best of me.

    Love you Sheila
    It is so good that you are staying on top of it with your doctor. The dosage may just need to be increased by just one number.



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