~Fall Fairs~

 "Yellow mellow, ripened days... Beauteous, golden Autumn days."

Author: Will Carleton

It seems so many of us love Fall. We spent a glorious afternoon this past weekend at a local Fall Fair. It is in it's 158th year. Nothing sophisticated, nothing slick, just lots of smiles and crisp breezes as we visited the various exhibits and watched the children on the rides. They tried their hand at winning stuffed toys, with great success, and we all overindulged in carnival food. The time passed so quickly, soon we were on our way home. Tired and sticky but happy. Isn't this what family life is all about? I took lots of photos, I think they speak for themselves. The leaves are very slow to change this year, we still have a glorious riot of colour to look forward to.


  1. Oh, I love fall fairs. Great photos, Sheila ~ looks like you had a wonderful time. Our state fair is coming up in October. Can't wait.


  2. Are those your photos, Sheila? I thought it was a beautiful poster advertisement for the fair. Fall is a favorite season of mine too!

  3. We'll be going to Markham Fair at the end of September.... will we see you there?

  4. Looks like you had a brilliant time at the fair. I think Autumn has a magic all its own, maybe the colours have something to do with it.

  5. Yes, and with family like you it is even sweeter!
    Love the fall! Our traditional New Year, isn't it Mum?
    Thanks for the laughs, the fudge, the bloomin onion and the photography...such a perfect fall day. xoxo

  6. Oh, I would love visiting a fall fair like this. How fun! Your blog with the quilt back ground feels like fall too. How fun to be wrapped in the joy of fall.

  7. and here, we are having our Spring fetes. xoxo


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