~All fixed!~

Saturday was to be a busy day. Hubby worked in the morning, and when he came home at lunch time, I was ready to leave with him to do all the things on our list. First thing was to take in the computer to be fixed. It had a virus and took forever to do anything, plus it had all these nasty little pop~ups that couldn't be got rid of. We got to the computer repair store, only to find out they were no longer in business. Okay, plan B, we would go to the store where I bought it. No longer in business!
What is going on. Are computers disposable these days, doesn't anyone repair them, do they just buy another?
We decided to complete our other  'to~do's', and spent the afternoon running hither and yon. Before we knew it, it was suppertime, and nothing planned. A BBQ chicken and sides from the grocery store solved that and home we went. After we ate, I reconnected the computer and got to work. After all if I might have to replace it, it wouldn't hurt to try and fix it myself. First of all I vacuumed all the accessible bits, and removed the build up of dust. Then I deleted all the programs that are never used,  unsubscribed from all the things that are sent to me on a daily basis, that I never have time to read;  downloaded all the photos on to disks, and then deleted them from the computer. I de~fragged, that took a long time..! I went through my favourites list and deleted all the things I want to go back to, and never did, and cleaned up the desk top. The recycle bin had over 90 MB of trash in it by this time~!
Finally I bought and installed Norton AntiVirus, and let it do it's thing. It deleted 32 viruses !
I am happy to report it is like having a new computer. 
The best part is it  cost me under $80 for the AntiVirus and no labour charges for any of it. Obviously the anti virus program I had before was useless.
On Sunday we drove up to the lake and had lunch, and I went to my favourite shoe store and bought myself some cute winter boots, with the money I saved by fixing the computer myself.!
How was your weekend?


  1. Well done! You absolutely deserve those new winter boots for being brave enough to even try to sort out the computer yourself.

  2. Oh, Sheila, I'm so happy to hear your computer is working. It's a real challenge to do it yourself....good job!

    Ahhhh, a new pair of shoes!


  3. Sheila! I hate it when we need a tune up on the PC! I don't have the confidence to fool around with it myself particularly now that I have an online business!
    I have a computer GEEK that comes to my home and gets things working and cleans up what's necessary.
    Where has the summer gone! Oh my word I didn't realize that I had been away from blogging for over a month!!! Now I'm back and loving the visits to all my sweet friends like you!
    Talk again soon! hugs Anna

  4. Good for you! A new pair of boots is much more fun than spending money on a geek!

  5. wow you are certainly computer savvy now! nice to see you back xoxo

  6. Well, Sheila, maybe your town needs you to open a new shop! My husband and son take care of ours. I can't believe it worked at all with 32 viruses! Saved money...spent well!

  7. I need to do all that to my computer. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. nice to see you back... and how good are you fixing the computer, as you said it didnt hurt to try and you were so successful. I have defraged mine from time to time and its amazing how muchbetter it runs after!

  9. Well done Sheila, and congratulations on the new boots!

  10. Sheila
    Ever since I moved the furniture around and rehooked up my PC it is so slow. Maybe a good cleaning and double check of some connections.

  11. Wow Sheila! I am impressed!!!!!!!!


    You go girl!


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