~The eye of the beholder~

I spent today sorting out clothing and furniture for Goodwill. The back of the truck is full to capacity. Tomorrow it will be taken to their store in town.
Boxes and boxes of magazines are ready to be recycled, along with books and other  bric-a-brac.
 This is something I do on an on going basis, and I always manage to find plenty to donate. It makes me wonder if there would even be room for us in this house if I didn't do it.

When I worked full time, I really didn't enjoy it.
Quite often buying 'things' and 'stuff' was the only thing that got me through, until I had a revelation. Things and stuff don't make you happy, eventually they can be a burden. Once I stopped working, the need to constantly reward myself disappeared. Less is more, so much more than I would have dreamed.

 After a busy day I sat here at my computer and played with some
photo editing programs.
The top photo is the original, the others are  altered.
I'm not sure which I like best, but they don't need to be stored or dusted and that works just fine for me!


  1. The altered photo looks like a painting. I've done this to a few blurry photos to help their appearance. Your original is very lovely, Sheila.

  2. Love the second one on the second row with the soft edges. Love Hugs and Blessings

  3. Sorting through furniture and clothes and magazines and donating them to charity is very satisfying. I hate throwing stuff out knowing it will just end up in a landfill somewhere, so much better to give things a second chance with a new owner. I've been decluttering too, trying to empty my house of "stuff" before I sell it.
    Beautiful flowers, you don't need to manipulate the picture, it's beautiful just as it came out of the camera!

  4. I hear you loud and clear! I seem to be constantly sorting through things and getting rid of stuff and yet when I turn around there's even more!

    Your original photo is beautiful.

  5. I know what you mean...we have just had a carrier popped through the door from the Salvation Army...and, as you know, they are so good to everyone, so I'll be filling it to the brim and adding a few more... :)

    I like each of the photos...but the first one best...I lkie to play around with photos too :)

    Happy August :)

  6. In June I cleaned and had a garage sale, then took the rest to Goodwill. Now I am looking around the house and thinking I didn't do enough. My goodness but the rooms become cluttered. It is time to thin again.
    Love your photo playing.

  7. what a beautiful vase.
    and I hear you loud and clear on 'stuff'


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