~So far, so good~

This is as far as I have got with my bedroom redecorating.
Nile sand paint( closest to real colour is picture on lower left of collage), white bed linens and sheers over white plantation blinds.
Cream Berber carpet, and aqua blue/grey pillows.
I purchased a new bed, night tables and tall boy, in a nice dark chocolate stain. Lamps with silver and crystal bases and white shades. 
Keeping this room sparsely furnished makes it look larger than it's 14x11ft measurements. Now I'm on the hunt for picture(s) for above the bed.
I'm not decided on subject matter...any suggestions?


  1. No suggestions, but you seem to be doing a perfectly fine job on your own. Love the serene colors you chose!

  2. beautifully done! Gues what sheila we have the exactly the same bed lamps! lol!!! only mine are cream coloured, I love that glass see thru lam look! your bedroom looks very serene!

  3. Beautiful, so far, Sheila! Love the colors you chose.


  4. Sheila, it looks so calm and relaxing. I love the soft color palette.

  5. The room looks so peaceful! What a beautiful job.

  6. Your room is gorgeous.Simple is the most elegant.
    Choose something meaningful and unexpected. A framed poem perhaps.

  7. I agree with everyone's comments regarding your lovely new colour scheme. Very restful, and clean and serene. So nice to have a new look and some new furniture, it changes the room's ambiance completely!

  8. Oh gosh...that bedroom looks so restful. I like the idea of a framed poem. Perhaps something that adds a muted 'bright' colour??

  9. I cannot wait to paint our home.. still renovating.. but each morning when I wake to my pale apricot and pale blue walls in the bedroom avec insipid paper frieze, I just about near puke


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