We are home after a very hot week.
Too hot in fact.
Record breaking temperatures and high humidity.
It was great to spend time with my sister and brother in law.
Now we are home and back to reality.
It is still hot and humid, but chores await.
The garden has grown to jungle-like proportions in my absence,
but looks very lush.
The laundry basket is calling my name so I'll tackle that first.
I didn't take many photos while we were away,
but I will post the ones I have later this week.
Stay cool...!


  1. It's hot hot hot here too, Sheila! Glad to hear you had a good time with your sister and brother in law. Welcome back!


  2. I'm very glad that VERY HOT week is over, but I fear we have more in store!

  3. Sorry to hear you're having such hot humid weather. We have the heat out here but usually very low humidity. It should reach 100º today!

  4. WElcome home mum!
    Yes, it is incredibly hot.
    Though after last year's chilly summer I'll take it! xoxo

  5. welcome to my world..LOL... everyday hot and humid. Love ya girl. I am feeling back to my old gleeful self...at last! thank you for everything!

  6. Welcome Home. It is always nice to take an adventure, but then nice to return home.

  7. That's my story too. At least it's not too humid here but the dog days are sure setting in.Staying inside for the most part, doing outside chores in the early a.m.
    Love you~

  8. I read about your record breaking temps and thought about you and Gillian. It has been hot here too. I don't like the heat.


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