~After the rain~

We have had some torrential rain storms in the last week,
and the garden loves it.
I have tried between raindrops to pull weeds and tidy up before we go away.
I took these pictures a couple of days ago, and it was still very cloudy, the plants look much better in sunlight. I'm sure they do in your garden too...!
Below is my favourite photo of the bunch, as it shows the Celtic cross ornament I found in the Garden centre a few weeks ago, I'll like it even better when it starts to get 'mossy'.

This is part of the back border. The area I had all but given up on. Shaded by so many trees nothing wants to grow there. I sought out all the drought tolerant and shade loving plants I could find, stuck them in, and mulched it well. They are on their own now..and wouldn't you know it... they seem to be thriving. Let's see how the winter treats them.

Here is a PeeWee hydrangea, at least I think that is what it is. Grows like a weed, and once it blooms in June it goes for most of the Summer.
I also spot a few purple daises poking through there, they seem to be fairly hardy too.

This is Astilbe, that I do remember, but I don't recall the variety.
I'm not a very knowing gardener when it comes to varieties. It's kind of like art to me, I just know what I like.

This is a new planting, a day lily.
They seem to grow wild here in Southern Ontario,
so I think this should take care of itself.

Here is a new Spirea, something that always does well in this garden. Again, I don't know the variety. I have two other large bushes of Spirea, a deeper pink than this and it survives, whatever I, and the elements throw at it.

Now last but not least, a part of the area around the deck.
There are three varieties of clematis here. The deep purple that is in bloom (Pea tells me it looks like hers which is Jackmanii, and that does ring a bell), the one that is finished has a lilac flower, and there is a new one just out of sight that still has pink flowers on it. The pink one is a new addition this year. Now, for Lynda, I have indicated the patch of wallflowers, grown from the seeds she sent me last year. They survived the Winter, bloomed a little, but are getting quite thick. The flowers that bloomed have set seed pods, so I shall leave them to self sow.

Sorry about the rambling post, but this is as much a record for me of what was happening this first week of July.
I hope your gardens are thriving, and that everyone has a great weekend and a great week ahead. We leave tomorrow for the lake so I'll be round to visit when I can. If I don't get to you, I'll see you when I get back.


  1. Your garden is especially beautiful!
    Your back stairs look so much like home, I'd like to sit on your stoop
    and chat with you.
    Enjoy your get away at the lake.
    Relax and have a good time.

  2. Have a great time at the lake, Relax, enjoy. And come back refreshed.

  3. Lovely blooms, Sheila. The one hydrangea blossom is shaped like a butterfly.
    Enjoy the lake!

  4. Beautiful pictures from your garden! I'm somewhat relieved to hear that someone else is having problems loading pictures! Mine sometimes go in twice, sometimes not at all, sometimes gigantic....seldom as I intended. What IS going on?

  5. Have a great holiday! Loved the tour of your garden. The Astilbe remind me of fireworks. We have the same day lilies in our garden. Love the new Celtic cross.

  6. I love seeing your garden. I have taken note on some of your flowers. I am curious to see if they will grow here where I am. BEAUTIFUL!!

    Sheila... you don't have a GREEN thumb, YOU HAVE A GREEN HAND!! Two of them.


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