~Lemons and Limes~

The time passes far too quickly,
far quicker than when I sat in a dull office all day.
Each day seems to have it's allotted appointments
and things that MUST be done.
Today was spent in the garden planting perennials,
and mulching flower beds.
It was hot and humid, but a storm was on the way,
and us gardeners know that a good rainfall beats any
amount of watering by a long shot,
so I raced the storm to get finished.
After tidying up my garden tools, 
and having a long cool shower,
I made delicious fresh lemonade,
from these lovely organic lemons.
(I like to add some lime juice too.)
Nothing quenches my thirst on a day like today
better than home made lemonade.

Of course if we really want to indulge,
and reward ourselves for our hard labour in the garden,
then Pimm's Cup is perfect.
It conjures up visions of ladies in feminine flowery dresses
and big hats,
men in tennis whites...a la the 1930s.

Recipe for Traditional Pimm's No 1 (gin based)

Take a jug or glass and fill it with ice, mix one part Pimm’s No. 1 with 3 parts chilled lemonade, add some mint, cucumber, orange and strawberry.
I recall one beautiful day spent with my late Mother, some years ago,
sitting on the river bank at the cottage,
with a large jug of frosty cold Pimms.
Perhaps it was the company, but it has never quite tasted as delicious as
it did that day.


  1. You are quite right.... the days go by so fast. It's so nice to have time to potter about in the garden. That rain last night was exactly what we needed, but it's knocked down a lot of my peonie blossoms, unfortunately. I don't think I've evr had a Pimms... will have to try it.

  2. Oh my, but that does sound good. My husband was just reminding me of a lemonade I use to make with fresh lemons, basil, and mango. There is something so refreshing as a nice cold drink after working in the garden.

  3. Lemonade is summer!
    I'm not kidding, my granddaughter Alivia came down today wanting to have a picnic with lemonade and she asked if I had limes too, but I only had bottled lime juice!

  4. Aww Sheila... "Perhaps it was the company, but it has never quite tasted as delicious as
    it did that day."

    It brought tears to my eyes.

    It never seems there are enough hours in the day!


  5. Pimms makes me sick.. after drinking too much when I was 15 with a girl friend..sneaking it from her parents party table.. thinking we were very adult..

    but I am loving lemons at the moment for winter colds!
    I love racing to beat a storm in the garden.. those final seconds as the rain starts and you get wet.. love that!!

  6. Lemons and limes are so refreshing. Never have had Pimms but I can imagine it is delicious. My grandchildren like to raid the fridge and eat raw lemons....pucker pucker.

  7. Sheila the lazy dazy hazy days of summer and lemonade and ice tea! YES!
    Hope you are enjoying our wonderful summer in our gadens!hugs to you!

  8. I have never heard of Pimms but I've written down the recipe you gave out so I'll have to try it this summer:-) I love lemonade as well, especially homemade. I've just come in from putting down mulch in my faerie garden as well as in the flowerbed at the back of the house. In the last few days I've planted some perennials and also got some petunias planted for the containers I put on the deck at the front. I'm all done now and it sure is a good feeling:-) The veggie garden also got planted this past week so now we wait for it to grow. Let the summer begin:-) xoxo

  9. I can just see you, Sheila, sitting with your mother enjoying your Pimms. What a wonderful feeling and a wonderful memory.

    I've never heard of Pimms but I'm sure it's delicious. I love a cold glass of fresh lemonade on a hot summer day.



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