~June Garden~

This peony was given to us by a (late) friend of my husband.
It had been in his yard for 30 years, so it is 50 + years old now. It smells wonderful.

This raggedy iris has been in the garden for many years too. It did very little for 15 years, and then I moved it. Now it thrives. It is starting to spread, and flowers abundantly. I don't know it's name.

The clematis here is the second clematis to bloom this Spring. I don't know the name. It was planted at the back of the garden for several years and never flowered. I moved it into full sun, and now it does really well.

 This is a new pink clematis that was planted two weeks ago. We had lots of rain the next day and for several days afterwards. Just what it needed. It has a ton of buds, and is doing well.

 This little corner leads to the stone path at the side of the house.
I have another iris here, and some rock plants. This is where the forget~me~nots and violets self seed.

These dianthus, or pinks as my Mum always called them, were at the side of the house. They grew but hardly thrived. Last year I moved them, and they are rewarding me with lots of flowers.

I don't remember what this is. Anyone have a clue?
It has been struggling for a few years now.
So..come the Fall I shall move it.
It is so hard for me to throw out anything that lives but doesn't do well.
We have a shady garden owing to several large trees and I think that is the problem. Last year rather than give up, I moved lots of plants, and obviously it worked as they are now all blooming where they're planted
Have a great weekend, see you next week.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
Ms. Robyn correctly identified the flower above, and I verified it on line.
It is Penstemon.
Thank you Robyn.


  1. All your flowers look so pretty. Peonies are one of my favorites.

    We have a lot of shade around the edges of our yard, where I might want to have plants. The only sunny place is out in the middle of the yard. And the heat usually does in most things around here so I just come to your blog to look at your flowers!!

  2. That last one looks like spiderwort. Thoughts?

    How are you? Saw you this morning then we didn't speak.

    Your garden looks fantastic, I can testify to that since I was romping around in it the other day.


  3. oh the photos of your garden are beautifull I can certainly see spring & summer there :)

    is the plant a cranesbill? or maybe a penstemon? it is hard to tell unless I can see a side view of the flower.. of course I am not an expert ;)

    pinks :) - my grandpa too xo

  4. Lovely flowers Sheila, especially the pale lavender iris, mine are all dark...I need some lighter ones like it! I need to move a clematis too, which has stopped blooming, maybe the surrounding trees 'need' to stop growing!:)


  5. Sheila could that last one be Digitalus or Foxglove I think they call it.
    Oh yes don't we love our pink peonies!Your flowers are just gorgeous! I can't remember a summer where we've enjoyed so many blossoms at the same time!Have a lovely weekend in your garden of flowers!

  6. Your garden looks beautiful with all those lovely blooms. I have a clematis just like yours and it is looking quite nice at the moment.

  7. Your flowers are so pretty. We get most of our color here earlier in the spring. The heat is on now, so we hang out in the shade.

  8. So many beautiful flowers, Sheila. I love that old iris bloom. I've been moving a lot of my plants around lately from the shade to the sun. Seems we're getting more shade in the yard.

    Your garden is lovely.


  9. Such gorgeous flowers you have in bloom...my peonies and clematis are also in bloom and I'm so enjoying them. Your clematis looks to be a Jackmanii, that's what I have and it's the exact same colour and shape. That's too funny about your dianthus, I had mine in the faerie garden but it wasn't doing well so I moved it to the flowerbed at the back of the house and it's flourishing there. If only they could tell us when we first get them exactly where they want to get planted! lol xoxo

  10. It felt like we were taking a walk through your garden.


    So beautiful Sheila!
    Quite a variety of flowers you have.


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