~Up with the Cardinal~

Rather than rising with the Lark
I have a Cardinal for my alarm clock.
Or perhaps I should say two Cardinals.
They perch in the tree on the boulevard
In front of my bedroom window
They call to each other.
Then answer.
There are worse ways of being woken up.

After breakfast
I Wander in the garden with my tea.
 Suddenly I have a revelation.
For 23 years I have tried to beat this garden into
I have failed.
I am not going to try anymore.
I shall let her be.

Of all people
I should have known.
Me, who likes to follow her heart,
Trying to tame something that should be free.
From today forward
She will be allowed to do as She wishes.
I will only remove weeds
Cut the lawn and water when needed.

I hear the garden breathe a sigh
Of relief.
The garden hears my sigh  in reply.
A truce has been called
And we are both happy.
She offered me the last
Of her Spring blooms
As a thank you.

 I share them with you.


  1. Cardinals! How wonderful they sound! Lucky Sheila!

    I regard our garden as a 'Wildlife Haven' (i.e. overgrown!)

    :o)Hugs x

  2. Love the garden and the cardinals, makes me think spring, the sun is shining for the first time this week in Ohio. Thanks for sharing

  3. You put together a lovely bouquet from your garden, Sheila. I wake with the Cardinals and Wrens...love the music!

  4. I love waking up to the sound of birds singing. That says to me "life is good!"

  5. Sometimes that is a difficult decision to come to. I am sure it is beautiful. My husband and I are just beginning to try to get our gardens into some sort of shape. I think we will try for a few years, then let it be also.

  6. Sheila, It makes me happy to know you appreciate the cardinals morning songs and a stroll in your garden. Your blossoms are proof of your gardening success not failure.
    However I certainly understand the value in letting it all be as well.I am still coaxing a few things along. It is a stress reliever,rearranging things and digging in the dirt.

  7. I enjoyed this post and reading the comments.

    The way you feel about your garden... I too, feel this way about my hair.



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