~Sunshine in a jar~

I love marmalade, in all flavours.
I bought Roses Lime Marmalade for many years, but now it is hard to find here.
Growing up in the UK, I would usually have Robertson's Marmalade,
and my sisters and I would fight over who would have the paper Golly on the lid.
Save up enough and submit them to Robertson's,
and you would receive an enamelled Golly badge back.
The last few years I have acquired a taste for Ginger marmalade.
 Not a true marmalade, but a conserve.
 I love anything flavoured with ginger, and this marmalade is truly delicious.
This morning was cool, but sunny, and after my oatmeal,
I sliced some home made bread, and made toast and orange marmalade  
to have with my tea on the deck.

For those of you familiar with Nigella Lawson, while browsing for a desert recipe earlier I came across this recipe, which I must try. In fact forget dinner, I'll just have desert.
Comfort food at it's best!


  1. Sheila your post brought back so many lovely memories... I used to save up the golly badges for my kids and we got the badges sent out to us in the post when we saved up enough. We then got a special offer once when in the UK on holiday and got sent a golly soft toy - looked like the badge my dd's loved this toy!!!

    My dh loves marmalade - a carry over form his UK childhood...and yes we still get roses lime marm out here, must take a look next time I'm out shopping!

  2. Wow the lime marmalade sounds good.This bread pudding looks great too. Love fresh ginger.

  3. What a yummy post! Now I'm hungry! I've never had lime marmalade but it sounds delicious. I'll have to look for it in the store.

  4. Comfort food is the best! I love marmalade on toast. The recipe for the pudding sounds delish ~ reminds me of pudding my mom used to make.


  5. Nothing quite like the tang of marmalade! Yum!

  6. I made lime marmalade a couple of years ago, it didn't quite look like Roses... not so lime green, more like greyish-green, not terribly appetising, but it certainly tasted like the real thing!
    I make orange marmalade every Jan/Feb when the Sevilles are in the shops. My DIL doesnt like it as it is too bitter for her, but she gives 11month Isaac a taste every morning, so I'm hoping he will grow up to be a fan of Nana's homemade marmalade!

  7. I love marmalade, in fact, my company is called Marmalady's. I sold a very good Orange Triple Sec Marmalade and Pear Lemon Marmalade with Organic Green Tea. They are discontinued right now because business was slow. But I still love my marmalade on scones in the morning with a good cup of tea. Yummm! The best way to start the day.

  8. I don't like ginger.. ever since I was little and took a huge bite from a piece... but homemade bread and jam.. yum.

  9. Oh my goodness... I have found that my saliva glands are working fine after reading this yummy post!

    My son loves orange marmalade! I love it too and also like the sun shining through the jar. Sunshine in a jar!
    I didn't realize there were different kinds of marmalade!

    The bread pudding looked sooo good!!

    Beautiful photo Sheila!


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