~Summers of childhood~

(Sorry, photos deleted)

I came across these photos online recently, 
Country Living perhaps?
I think they are before and after shots of the same room.
I would find it hard to choose between them.
But perhaps the yellow one has the edge.
They made me think of bedrooms under the eaves,
lying abed quietly on a summer evening.
The window is open and the fragrance of night scented stock drifts in on a breeze. In the background, the sound of frogs croaking down at the pond
and crickets chirping in the long grass as the sun goes down.
That lovely tired feeling of a day well spent,
climbing trees,
playing in meadows,
hiding in the woods.
All the fun filled past times of a childhood gone by.
A jam jar on the kitchen table filled with wild flowers,
and another in the bathroom filled with tadpoles or minnows,
the fruits of our labours.
Slowly the sun disappears and we fall asleep
watching the full moon rise.
I want to be a child again,
if only for one glorious


  1. Yes, the simplicities of childhood.
    I loved (and still do) when the cicadas sing in August. That to me is the eternal anthem of summer. When your window is open, the stars are twinkling, and the cool spot on the pillow is positioned perfectly upon your cheek.
    (The wallpapered version of the room looks great too!)

  2. Both rooms look inviting. Bedrooms under the eaves seem so much cozier than others.

    I agree....it would be great to be a child again for just a short while.

  3. When I was a child, I lived in a house with an attic like that, but it was only used when my 3 girl cousins came for summer holidays. All 4 of us slept up there.... happy summer memories.

  4. They are both lovely. I had an attic bedroom when I was a child and slept under the open window. I used to hear the trams trundling along as they left the depot at 6.00 am. A very friendly sound.

    Try walking on the lawn in your bare feet to step back in time. Spread a wool travel rug in the sun - ahh! that sunbaked smell - wonderful!
    A bottle of liquorice water - not so good! Perhaps Dandelion and Burdock would be better, oh and an Eccles Cake,sticky crumbs and all!

    Much love, Lynda (Trams? Yes! We've still got them!)

  5. What a beautiful room, which everway it is decorated.
    Happy memories!

  6. I'm drawn to the yellow one also, it's a bit more cheerful to me! I'm almost reliving my childhood with my grandchildren...We walk in the same woods, as when I was a child.

    Your words are beautiful, Sheila!

  7. Why don't you take a childhood date with yourself? Ride your bike or do something you used to love doing, listen to your favorite old songs,have a lollipop,skip, play jacks or other childhood game. For me I eat green apples with salt and jump on the bed...it takes me back.
    love you!

  8. I like both of the rooms. I had a purple room and yellow room also when I was little. It is amazing how color can lift your mood. Someone told me that you should always have at least a spot of yellow in every room.

    I love the way you write Sheila.
    I feel like I am there.

  9. Lovely, oh to be a child for a day. Yes I can agree with that. It is hard to chose which room is the best.

  10. Beautiful, Sheila. This post reminds me of my grandmother's house when I used to stay over. Memories I'll cherish forever.


  11. Reading your words, I could see it all in my mind and it made me smile. It's no wonder we so often wish we could return to the simpler times of childhood. I sleep with my window wide open and the robins wake me up around 4:20 every morning...I just lay there and enjoy their singing...then turn over and fall back asleep! lol xoxo


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