~May brings pear blossom~

This sweet and pretty blossom has appeared on time this year,
now we need to make sure it is pollinated in order to get some fruit.
Pears, like many fruits are related to roses.
It is a young tree, planted 3 years ago.
We had one tiny pear the first year, and nothing since.
Last year it didn't have blossom at all.
The flowers are so fragrant and pretty
I think I might be content just to enjoy them without the fruit.

But I shall hope for pears..!


  1. How lovely! I hope you get some juicy sweet pears to enjoy. x

  2. I have an elderly pear tree in my yard. It's about 40-45 years old, and every spring is filled with blossom, even though the trunk is split open and completely hollow even up into ther branches. Yet it always gives me bumper crops of pears, sometimes the branches are so loaded that they break suddenly, smashing juicy overripe pears into the patio below. The only problem is that all the pears ripen at the same time..... I still have jars of preserved pears from 2 seasons ago!

  3. here at Inglewood, I have an old pear tree, most probably 50yrs old and it gets tons of pears on it.. but the birds discover the pears early! sometimes if it is windy then the flowers won't get pollinated.. or the blossoms will fall off before they are pollinated.. many reasons.. plus the tree is still quite young! I am sure you will get pears and lots of them!

  4. ps - love you new blog design!

  5. Pretty blossoms! I hope you get pears this year, Sheila. We just planted a peach tree today. I hope we get peaches!


  6. My two pear trees are full of blossom too, everything is late this year, the apple blossom isn't out yet though it isn't far off. Hopefully this will mean no frosts, lots of bees and plenty of fruit!

  7. Very pretty blossoms! They look somewhat similar to my cherry blossoms, which are now in the process of forming cherries. I do hope you get a few pears this year. How exciting for you.

  8. Beautiful blossom on your pear tree...you are right, Sheila...enjoy the blossom, and if you get pears, it's a bonus, and if not, you can enjoy the shade of the tree and birds who come to rest on it and bees buzzing on it :)

  9. we planted our first pear tree last year, so I am guessing we won't be having pears anytime soon, then?

    Gill in Southern Ontario

  10. They are beautiful. I've never smelled pear blossoms. Wish you could send me a whiff.

  11. How pretty!
    I wish I could smell them too.
    I didn't know they were related to the roses?! Sheila, I learn something new from you every time I come here for a visit!
    I hope you get some pears this year!

    Love and hugs

  12. ~Sheila~ blossoms everywhere in Spring..certainly one of our beautiful blessings!
    Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!


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