~Here I Am~

What a week this was.
I think I've had flu, I say think because I had two flu shots at the end of '09.
One for seasonal flu and one for h1n1 (swine flu).
Upset stomach, severe headache, joint aches and high temperature..?
Today I woke up and actually felt human.
I haven't set foot outside all week, which upset me as the weather has been gorgeous.
I was getting anxious as hubby has to begin chemo again tomorrow.
This cancer is not going away.
This time they will add interferon to the cocktail, and it will hopefully boost his immune system.
If it doesn't do the job, major surgery is ahead.
Keep us in your thoughts.


  1. I know that anxious feeling, Sheila...my husband goes for his yearly CAT Scan in a few weeks. He had colon cancer surgery 3 years ago.

  2. Sending love and hugs to you both. Hope all goes well. x

  3. Sending you both lots of positive energy and good thoughts. Get better soon!

  4. OHhh mAN. I just read this on our GPS blog..and I a m so sorry. Damn !

  5. I'm glad you're feeling better now, it's horrid to feel yukky especially when the weather is getting so nice. Be positive.... your dh is in the best of hands.

  6. How is he feeling through all of this?
    As always you both are in our wishes and prayers.

  7. I hope you feel better Sheila. I could only imagine not feeling good when the weather is gorgeous. Especially when you have waited for it to be nice for so long. Darn it!

    Sheila ~ You and Ivo are constantly in my prayers sweetie. You know I am giving you a hug as you read this. Keep your chin up... Okay?


  8. Sheila wishing you both good thoughts and positive vibes once agagin, may it go well this time around and hope DH recovers well again. I will be thinking of you this week. (((hugs)))


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