~Sunshine and raindrops~

Violets, volunteering in the lawn...

....dozens, from a single clump planted many years ago.

Busy, buzzing bees in the crocus flowers...

working hard,  all the afternoon...

...gathering pollen.
I wonder what crocus honey tastes like?

And pansies with their smiling faces, not caring about the weather.

Inspired by the persistence of the violets, the hard work of the bees, and the cheerfulness of the pansies, I have had a busy week. Cleaning windows, washing cars, tidying garden borders and
catching up with many neglected chores..!  


  1. Great news about Ivo. Spring has sprung at last, eh? Wonderful! :o)

  2. beautiful flowers and wonderful photos! You sound like a busy bee yourself speing cleaning there!

  3. I think Spring inspires us to get on with all those jobs we have been putting off all winter! And isnt it nice to be able to get out in the garden and watch things start to grow again?

  4. Sheila
    Your photographs certainly captured the beauty and colors in these flowers.
    Well wishes to Ivo and all.

  5. I guess you've been busy as a bee! That's good news about Ivo.

  6. I love early spring flowers. Your photos are lovely. Sending good wishes to Ivo, and happy to hear he is doing well.

    Enjoy your day, Sheila.


  7. I will certainly be thinking of Ivo... :)

    The joys of Spring are many and various...crocuses, daffodils, baby lambs and the greening up of the fields again :)

    Always a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog, dear Sheila :)

  8. I'm just catching up with my blogging friends and I find you've been ill! Do hope that you are completely recovered now and that they've found what your allergy is. Good to hear that things are looking positive for Ivo. You've been busy by the sound of it, funny how doing things makes you feel like doing even more. It's the getting started that is sometimes the problem:)

  9. I love violets! How lucky you are to have them volunteering to pop up in your yard!!

    Have you heard anything new on Ivo's test? I feel like I am catching up too Sheila...

    ((hugs xx))


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