~It's the little things~

I've been a busy bee of late. Cleaning out and tossing things no longer used or useful. Something I regularly do. I think it brings new energy in and stirs things up a bit,not a bad thing.
The little collection above is hardly a treasure trove but each small object has meaning to me.
Situated in a glass doored bookcase, it is a magnet to my middle grand-daughter. Perhaps because her small hands are just the right size to grasp the objects there, she loves to pick each item up and ask me about it. Repeatedly. Finding comfort perhaps, in the fact that she already knows the answers.
The way I did when visiting my Gran, and going through her sewing box, and finding small objects that perhaps didn't belong but had found their way there. Things like button hooks, farthings, silver threepenny bits and an amazing assortment of badges and old brooches.
But I digress.
The collection sits on a new acquisition. A small red 'rug' that came to me from daughter. Purchased on her recent trip to Jordan. It was given to me along with an assortment of other lovelies, which will be a whole other post.
At the back on the left is an alabaster swan with sparkly green eyes. Just like the eyes of the person who gave it to me. My eldest grand daughter. We had all spent a lovely family day, my daughter and her family and PH and myself, at an auction house. Outside,  things had been set up flea market fashion and the children wandered around and chose things they liked. Olivia bought several things, but it was in the car on the way home that she handed the swan to me, and said "Here Nan, I bought this for you." 
Next to that is middle grand-daughter's favourite, a small book called "Native American Wisdom"
about 2 and a half inches tall, it contains old photographs and native American quotes. It was brought back from Arizona for me by my husband last year. Beside that is an inukshuk made from a kit given to Olivia at school just before the Winter Olympics in BC.
At the front is a collection of stones and a crystal.  The larger of the stones came from Jordan, near Petra. The two shiny ones are moonstones, bought at the recommendation of Daisy Lupin. And the crystal, which if you could see it better has another crystal inside it of a different colour, a gift from Gemma in Arizona, when I was going through a bad time a couple of years ago.
Beside it is a pewter frog, it is  a tea light holder, and a gift from my daughter. A water totem symbolising among other things 'healing'.
Last but not least a polished stone embossed with my animal totem an otter. Otters have long been a favourite animal of mine, but I only found out a few years ago it is my animal totem.
One thing not shown here is a length of knotted silk. In shades of blue and green, it was made by Bronwyn (middle grand daughter). After painstakingly working on it all one afternoon, she handed it to me, and said "Nan take this with you, it will keep you safe." So it is attached to a zip pull inside my hand bag, and I never leave home with out it.
It's the little things that show you are loved and that people care, and for that I am forever thankful.


  1. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...
    and lovely to see Daisy's name.. cause today, Samhain for me.. is the day of the ancestors and this mention of Daisy is confirmation to me that she is around me.. cause the blackbird visited me very early this morning xoxo
    [you are special & I love you tons xo]

  2. A very touching post, Shiela. I can relate to the things you trasure that bring memories of love to mind. I have similar things that I display in groupings. I have the same exact little book...all 123 little pages plus glossary! It holds meaning for me, being a descendent of the Indian Princess Pocahontas.

  3. Family treasures, very precious! Have a great weekend. x

  4. So deeply touching that the little crystal from me is meaningful to you. It was given with much love.

  5. I have clicked on your photo and zoomed in on it as close as I could. I love your little treasures and the stories that have been told with them.

    A sweet and touching post and I enjoyed it very much!


  6. Daisy Lupin. Now I'm taken aback. Wow.
    How this medium has connected people.

    You honour your granddaughters here, and that is so nice. They love you so.

    Just like your daughter does!



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