~Age and wisdom~

I love history and places that give you glimpses into their past.
I have wandered around old cities, gazing at buildings
(like the one I photographed above) 
wondering about what  happened inside their walls,
the happiness and sadness,
the everyday living of families long gone.

I love that people don't feel it necessary to re-plaster
and paint the exterior of this house.
Like a woman of a certain age
she is not ashamed of the lines on her face,
they show she has lived,
laughed and cried
and relaxed in the sunshine.
 And still she is able to shelter
and comfort those she holds close.


  1. Mmmm ~ Sheila.

    We love and wonder the same things.
    Beautiful photo! Where did you find this lovely building?

    I have noticed in the past three months, the deep lines that have appeared on my face. As I was putting on my make-up, I thought to myself, 'This line is from Charlie making me laugh, and this one is from feeling sorrow.' My lines show my life...

    Beautifully written Sheila! I feel like I can appreciate my lines more! LOL!

    Thank you

  2. I blog with a few who live in Europe...I notice so often the buldings have so much more character, mostly because of the missing plaster and exposed stones. I love the imperfect painted buildings, weathered and draped with flowers and vines.
    The buildings are old, but still respected and adorned with special things to enhance them not hide them.

  3. An old lady I knew, when asked about her trip said "Venice would be alright if only they'd clean it up a bit and paint those old houses white"!

    The older I get the more I try to smile. I might not be beautiful, but I don't frighten as many people that way! :o)

  4. That is beautiful, Sheila, and I so agree.


  5. Your photo is so beautiful....I love the angle you used. The colors are incredible....soft, warm golden hues with hints of pink. And I, too, always wonder about the people who lived there before when I see old buildings. Heck, I even do that with newer buildings!

  6. A beautiful picture. Is that Portugal? I agree with leaving things to vintage on their own, like a fine wine or a yummy old cheese! lol

  7. thankyou for the picture Sheila!! that is exactly how i want Villa Maria to look.. can I save it so I can share it with our painter?

    I love old buildings too, ours here in Australia are not so old.. just 200yrs or less.. but when I visit old places, I often wonder about the previous occupants..their energies are still there of course ;)

  8. You know what they say about an old building's architecture having good bones. The same can be said for an aging woman. Wish I had that pretty pink patina. Can't get that without plaster and paint.

  9. Ahhh!.............

    Only the caresses of the portuguese sun could result in such beauty.

    Wonderful words of wisdom, dear Sheila.

  10. I'm like you, whenever I see an old building/house, I always wonder who lived there, what their lives were like, etc. I also agree with you that not repairing these walls just add more character to them. I've never used foundation on my face, I wear my wrinkles proudly! lol xoxo


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