~Pushing my buttons~

Our daughter and her beloved are in Jordan.
Granddad (or Grumpers) as the youngest granddaughter calls him and I are in charge,
 being led by the nose.
Olivia is taking the high road, she is good and helpful, but Bronwyn not so much (she is like her mother was)
Bronwyn marches to her own drummer.
I took them grocery shopping yesterday, in the hope that if they chose this weeks menu they would eat.
That explains why breakfast this morning was Lucky Charms, Greek pita bread, baba ganoush and cheese.
Washed down with iced tea for Bronwyn and milk for Olivia.
We got to school with time to spare, one morning down and 8 to go!
Now I will tackle a mountain of washing.
Can someone explain how two small girls can flood a bathroom floor, and make so much laundry?


  1. You mean you don't enjoy that yummy breakfast menu on a daily basis? It sounds good to me! I'm coming to your house for brekky tomorrow.

  2. You are going to miss them so after the 8 days. At one time, I babysat my grandchildren, while their parents worked. Good memories were made!

  3. youre just outta practise Sheila! lol!!!

  4. Sounds like a blast. The flooding? Not sure but it happens here every night. Love Hugs and Blessings

  5. :D
    Laughing out loud!!
    I loved all of the previous comments... as for mine ~ Hang in there! You are all creating sweet memories!


    P.S. I love your photo you posted with this. I have a pears soap photo hanging over my old fashioned bath tub! Picked it up for $2.oo and almost $98.oo later, I had it framed. It was a learning lesson for me. My first and last, "Oh, I will get this framed!" It is one of my favorite's though. I don't regret it. I just learned frames special made for a pic is costly.

  6. Sounds like you are doing just fine! I hope you survive the week! :o) x

  7. Sheila, what a fun grandma you must be! allowing them to have what they choose for breakfast.. and I cannot believe that Gillian would ever march to the beat of her own drum.. surely not that precious Capricorn girl ;)

  8. Too funny! I would be in the same mode, but loving every moment.

  9. Indeed you are a sainted one! They'll remember what fun they had I guarantee. I remember my Nana letting me eat marmalade sandwiches for breakfast and lunch one day!

  10. After reading The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, I am wondering what color the ring is in the bathtub?

  11. I just know you're having a fun time with them:-) Makes you realize, though, just how much we've forgotten what it's like taking care of young children! lol I'm coming to your house for breakfast....hehe

    Hope you're having the same gorgeous Spring like weather we've been having all week! xoxo

  12. Oh boy! Sounds like you have your hands full! Good luck!

  13. Oh dear goodness me oh my. Sorry Mum. But you don't get tame rabbits out of wild ones now do you???
    I defer to your wisdom, wise Rabbit. :)

    Hey, all the nuts fell close to the tree, what can I say???
    Thanks a million, they are lucky to have such loving, tolerant grandparents. Thanks for having them, they love you both so much.

  14. Ohh NOooo! THat must have been a ton of craziness..haha!

  15. Oh my gosh, sounds like you're having fun.



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