~Birthdays etc~

My daughter and her husband are back
after a wonderful trip to Jordan.
They came back last week,
but things have been busy
and I am just getting around to writing a post.
Last week we celebrated 3,
count 'em,
3 birthdays in our family.
Three of our grandchildren.
Firstly, on the 4th was Snow White,
she was one, and the youngest.

Next it was Superboy's birthday on the 6th.
He turned 5...he's Snow White's brother.

Then it was the Ballerina's birthday on the 10th.
She was 5 too.
The two above are her cousins.

I did  find time to get my hair cut.
Very low maintenance,
and I like it now I'm used to it...
no more colouring it,
it is now my own colour,
threaded with silver.
(I refuse to call it grey!)

The weather has been glorious for the last few days.
Sunny with blue skies.
The birds are slowly returning,
and making lots of noise in the garden.
Still no sign of bulbs or plants yet.
Last night was not a good one.
I could not sleep and after reading,
pacing the house,
 and making cocoa,
I finally fell asleep some time after 5.15pm
This morning I awoke with a cold,
the second one this year.
Very unusual for me to have even one.
The price paid for snuggling small grandchildren perhaps..?
But worth it!


  1. Lovely birthday pictures, they are all sweethearts! And what a great hairdo! I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago, and I was told to come back in 6 weeks for a trim... hah ha... it's already getting bushy and thick!

  2. Beautiful hair cut, beautiful children.

  3. Glad to see you survived! I've had 2 bad colds this year so far, both caught from the GK's who seem to be permanently germy.

    The weather here seems to be getting warmer, thank goodness!

  4. What sweet lovely grandchildren Shiela, love Snow White's hair. Your family birthdays are something like ours, we just had 6 in a 30 day period.
    I saw my first crocus today and Bluebirds are scouting the birdhouses, so I guess it's spring for sure!

  5. Such gorgeous children, and the Snow White outfit on M makes me absolutely well up...how cute is SHE?
    Of course the other two are as well...xoxo
    Feel well soon Mum...nothing stinks like being sick during nice weather! If you need anything, just call me. xoxo Love you!

  6. What adorable grand children you have, you lucky lady!! I may be proved wrong but neither of my girls want chidren!!! :o(

  7. hope you are feeling better by now, dear Sheila.. and your grandchildren are beautiful.. I love, love little snow white.. what a sweet cutie pie she is!!

  8. Beautiful Granchildren, dear Sheila..and I love the new hairstyle...suits you well :)

    Your header of Spring blossom is stunning too :)

    Tell those nasty colds to go away...take lots of raw ginger in hot water...or just chew little pieces of it...never fails to work for me :)


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