~Anyone have cheese to go with my whine?~

Spring is here.
That is probably why yesterday,
the last day of Winter was 19°C
 and today is 3°C.
My word for this year was contentment,
and here we are barely 3 months into 2010
and I'm not feeling it.
There is never enough time..for anything..!
I had looked forward to this week,
March break here in Canada.
 I had so much I was going to do.
I started to feel sniffly at the beginning of the week,
by Wednesday I not only had the sniffles,
 but I was covered with hives.
That night I passed out in the bathroom,
fortunately PH was there ministering to me,
as I felt so miserable.
Thursday passed without any improvement.
Then last night PH came up to see how I was doing
and  was shocked at my appearance.
My face felt tight,
 but I hadn't realized why until I looked in the mirror.
 It was scarlet red,
and my lips were hugely swollen. 
To cut a long story short I ended up in emergency,
hooked up to an IV,
filled with steroids and antihistamines.
I was so exhausted I asked to be allowed
 to come home at 5.00am to get some sleep.  
I look better today and feel a little better too.
But Monday I have to see the Dr.
and find out what is going on.
It seems I have had an allergic reaction to something,
and it seems to flare up mostly at night,
each time  is worse.
My teddies are most sympathetic and have been good company.
Sorry to be such a drag,
but I need to whine....
and if you are sending cheese,
I like Havarti, and Old Cheddar.


  1. Dear Sheila,

    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well.

    Wish I could join you on a 10 lb worth session of whining. Havarti, my favorite.

    Hope there is nothing seriously wrong and that this is a reaction to the unseasonal temperatures we had recently.

    Be well dear friend.

  2. Oh my goodness, Sheila. I hope you're doing ok. Take it easy and let us know what the doctor says.

    Get well.


  3. I hope the mystery of what might be causing it is discovered quickly. I myself, around the age of 62, now 65, developed allergy symptoms out of the blue. Glad you are feeling a bit better today. Take care...Wanda

  4. have some nice Stilton today :o)

  5. Oh dear! I hope you find out what's causing it real soon! My son had a similar reaction to tinned ham and DH's sister is allergic to hot water bottles (rubber)!
    I'd send you some 'mousetrap' but I don't think it would be very nice by the time it arrived!
    Take care, dear Sheila, and please keep us posted. Hugs, Lynda

  6. heavens above what an awful thing to go thru...hope youre ok now? feel better Sheila!

  7. Dearest Sheila
    Havarti and TLC
    from me to thee
    Hope you feeling much better.

  8. Sheila.. no cheese from me at all.. just good wholesome food..
    I sure hope that you are feeling better!!!
    allergies are the worst thing to work through I know.. it has happened to me at various times and believe me stress has alot to do with it.
    drink lots of water.. it will help flush the system out.. in the meantime, I will send some reiki xoxo

  9. How ya doin' sweetie? Better I hope! :o) xxx

  10. Great God..Woman! What is going on...Did you find out?

  11. Whining is OK. I ended up with a cold and will join you in whining. Maybe it is your body telling you to take some time off and take care.

  12. Oh, Sheila, what a scary experience you've been going through! Hopefully you can find out what it is you're reacting to. Sometimes allergies start out of the blue and to things that never bothered you before, that's how it was for my mom. Take good care of yourself and praying that you'll feel 100% real soon.

    Isn't this crazy how the temps were so mild while it was still Winter and now that it's Spring, it's turned so cold? lol Doesn't surprise me, though, the weather has been completely mixed up the last few months!! xoxo

  13. Holy Smokes!!! I know allergies but I've never had a reaction like that! I hope you find out what it is soon. xo


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