~Weekend Meditations~


Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.


  1. Oh my gosh!
    What a beautiful sight!

    I am imagining that I am there... looking up to the sun shining through the trees.

    I can appreciate the Rumi quote too!


  2. OMG! Gorgeous photo and I love the quote. You always do match your photos with words in such a beautiful way.

  3. Sheila - I have checking your old blog and didnt notice youd moved, although I'm sure I did know!! thanks so much for reminding me and joining into the meditation!!

    your trees must be bursting into life now with spring coming?

  4. Fantastic Quotation!!! And such a awe inspiring photo to go with it also.


    Thanks so much for your visit today and your birthday wishes for me! Much, much appreciated.

    Have a super week ahead!! Glad to 'meet' you!!!

  5. PS....well, dang. I forgot to wish YOU a happy birthday. Senior Moment!! Or what I'd prefer to call it..."HALF"heimers. I'm not quite to the ALLsheimers. LOL

  6. Beautiful, Sheila! Absolutely beautiful.


  7. Beautiful photo and a very true quotation.

  8. Happy Birthday dear Sheila, I do hope your day has been a wonderful one. Do you know what I did...or didn't do? I had forgotten to change your blog url in my Bloglines so I wasn't getting notified that you were posting. I went to check on you last night and lo and behold, I remembered you had a new blog! lol I'm so sorry I've missed your previous posts but please know that I have read them AND I have changed the url in my Bloglines:-) xoxo

  9. Oh and by the way...you didn't do your pet name thingie on my post...get back over there!!!! lol xoxo


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