~My Husband's homeland~

Funchal. Madeira
photo from internet

My husband was born on the beautiful
Portuguese island of Madeira.
Situated off the West coast of Morocco,
 it is called the Pearl of the Atlantic,
it has a very interesting history.
This weekend it was the victim of a severe storm,
heavy rains and high winds.
The city of Funchal,
where he was born,
 is badly damaged and many people have been killed,
injured and/or been left homeless.
They are in our prayers.
If you wish, you may click on the highlighted links for more information.


  1. So sorry to see the devastating floods on TV last night. What a tragedy.

  2. Sheila, so sorry to hear about this tragedy in your husband's home country. How sad. I just read about it online. My thoughts are with you and all the people of Madeira.

  3. I saw the link you sent me and watched it on the news. It seemed very surreal, I mean not much ever happens there! Too sad. I feel awful for the people who lost loved ones. oxxo

  4. It looks a beautiful place... we have seen the news.... it is terrible what Mother Nature can do... our thoughts are are with the folk of Maderia..

  5. What a beautiful place, Sheila. I'm sorry to hear the bad news. My thoughts are with you.


  6. Horrible. I thought of you and your husband when I heard about this.

  7. I was watching the news when they showed film footage of the flood damages over there and it's so heartbreaking. My heart goes out to all the people over there and I can well imagine how terrible this must be for your husband, seeing his birthplace going through so much devastation. xoxo

  8. I saw this on the news. My prayers are also with the people of Madeira.

  9. Hi Shelia,
    Oh my goodness- my heart and prayers go out to the people of Maderia. Such beautiful place and I can only imagine that your husband and his family are devistated.


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