~Blue isn't just for Boys~

I am not a fan of blue in decorating.
Bathrooms are my exception.
I love blues and sand in a bathroom, perhaps a little taupe.
It makes me feel like I'm on vacation while I pamper myself.
What colour is your bathroom(s)..?

I may not be around much in the next week or two.
My daughter and her husband are going to Jordan.
We shall be looking after our grand-daughters.
I am almost as excited as if I were going myself.
I can't wait to see her photos.


  1. Lovely pictures again Sheila! Our bathroom has white tiles, with a navy & gold border and mediterranean blue walls, which doesn't look at all cold. The curtains are a Laura Ashley small flowered print in those colours.
    Bon Voyage, Blue! I believe Jordan is amazing.

  2. my bathroom is a classic burgundy and cream.. a traditional victorian era colour here..
    yours looks beautiful !!

  3. Your photos are so pretty Sheila.My bathroom is white with cobalt blue glassware and midnight blue towels,lots of seashells and candles. I am so excited for Gill too. muah

  4. Your daughter and her husband will love Jordan, it's packed full of wonderful historical places and the people are delightful. Hope they are going to Petra - though come to think of it I can't imagine anyone going to Jordan and NOT going there! Hope they have a wonderful time.

  5. What fun your grand daughters all to yourself!! woo hoo

  6. My bathroom wall and floor tiles are white with a pale sandy shadow running through them, and the walls are painted "sandlot grey" which isn't really a grey at all, more a sandy beige with a hint of pink if the light is right! (I wonder where they get those names for paint colours???) white fixtures and a white shower curtain..... so nice and bright. Sure beats the 1970s "avocado green" that was there before the renovation!
    Enjoy the time you are spending with your grandchildren!

  7. My bathroom still has the old tiles that were there when we first bought the house in 1978, they're in browns and whites. My accessories are deep rose. I can't wait to completely renovate the whole bathroom but not sure what colours I will choose! lol

    You are going to so love being with your granddaughters, enjoy every minute of it:-) xoxo

  8. My bathroom is the color of a cafe latte with cream accents.
    Your photos are lovely, Sheila,....Eternity perfume is a favorite of mine :)

    Enjoy the granddaughters!


  9. Gillian and her husband are on a wonderful adventure with Tara. I so hope to do this trip some day. Take care as you stay with the grandchildren.


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